Any Post WLS- State Employees getting Plastic Surgery???

on 7/9/10 11:08 pm - Sheridan, MT
Hey there!

I'm wondering if any State employees that have had WLS are looking into plastics and if they have contacted BCBS about coverage.  I think it would be a stretch for them to cover it, even though for me it would be reconstructive not cosmetic! In my opinion anyways!

I know there were a few of us state employees on here a while back, I haven't been on the MT forum for awhile, it's too quiet here!!

Have a great day!


on 11/18/10 2:38 pm
i was a state employee until I retired in July of 2009.  I am so new I haven't even had my first meeting with anyone, but I do have a friend who was a state employee, had her wls a few years ago, and BCBS did pay for some plastic surgery.  I think she had the loose skin on her stomach tucked.  It seems like there was something else but I can't remember what.

My first meeting is December 9.  I don't know what to expect.  There seems to be a criteria that you need to have been in a physician supervised weight loss program for a year and I haven't so I am wondering if they will approve.  I was on Optifast for 22 weeks, and weigh****chers three times...visits to a dietician. 

Have a great day, too.  Rusty
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