Help please

on 12/6/11 10:18 pm
Hi everyone, I am new to the site and was hoping someone could help guide me in getting montana medicaid to approve some type of weight control surgery for me. I live in Thompson Falls and I weigh 290 lbs. I have major back problems, diabetes, thyroid problems and who knows what else at this point in time. I am so depressed about my health and everything i am in tears most days. A few months ago my dr reffered me to a surgeon for lap band, and i was told that medicaid wont pay for it since i am over 21. diets dont wor****pt a log of my activities and food intake and i burn on average just over 1,000 more calories than i take in yet cant lose weight. Im sure a lot of it has to do with all the meds i am on for my back and everything.
the last neurosurgeon i saw for my back told me to get weight control surgery, and i told him what i was told.

can some one help guide me in what i need to do to get approved by montana medicaid? I am 43 yrs old, and female, and so tired of being fat and tired.

I want a clean house again!!!
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