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on 6/13/11 2:25 pm - AL
I am from Alabama but my daughter lives in the Lawton (Fort Sill) area. She is looking for an experienced surgeon. She is most interested in the lap band but will consider other options depending on experience and success record.

She has tricare insurance. Please recommend doctors in her area - including location and phone number.

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on 6/14/11 7:40 am - Midwest City, OK
I think I have heard the Lawton folks have gone to a surgeon in Wichita Falls.  I cannot remember his name, however.  Go over to the surgery specific sites and ask.  Someone is sure to give you the guy's name.  Good luck.
I have maintained for one year at this point.  I am steady at -120 pounds.  =)
40 pounds lost pre-op    
on 6/16/11 8:08 am - AL
Thank you for replying. My daughter just messaged me that she has an appointment with Dr. Warnock from Wichita Falls. If anybody has any personal experience with him, please let me know.

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