At it again

sherrie T.
on 1/24/12 12:25 am - CLAREMORE, OK
HI everyone. Well I am at it again, trying to get Medicaid to pay for WLS. I am in the process of doing the 6 month supervised diet now, just 2 months to go. I actually celebrated a couple goals lately. first was being able to finally weigh on the doctor office scales! second was losing 5% of starting weight! I am very proud of myself for accomplishing both these! My success is a lot to do with Weigh****chers and the great ladies I have met there.
If anyone has gotten Medicaid to pay for WLS please message me with any suggestions on how to get through the process as painless as possible.
on 3/8/12 6:08 am - Norman, OK
Congratulations on your successes!!!!   You're doing great!!
"It doesn't matter how strong your opinions are, if you don't use them for positive change, you ARE, indeed, part of the problem"


on 4/19/12 10:28 am - Wheatland, OK
I have a second cousin that did does ww and she has lost a lot of weight matter of fact she was going to do wls but now has decided agaisnt it.
She swears that by walking and making herself move the weight melts off and still has points left over.
I think medicaid is just  wont pay for it. it seems that everyone I have heard that has tried gets turned down.
Just dont give up
being healthy has its rewards....take the challenge and just do it
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