Lilla M.
on 4/4/11 5:08 pm
Can anyone tell me what to expect for the nut and sw appts? Just wondering what kind of questions and what they go through at these appts.Kind of want to prepare myself. Thanks in advance.


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Doc sent referral Dec 2010
H.Pylori Test Feb16, 2011
Bone Scan Feb 18, 2011
Sleep Study Feb 28,2011
1st Consultation @ Humber River March 7, 2011 
Dr Huynh March 14, 2011
Gastric Class March 30,2011
Nut/SW April  6, 2011 
Dr Glaser April 13, 2011
Dr Huynh April 28 ,2011
Surgery Date: June 15,2011
laura S.
on 4/4/11 9:56 pm - London, Canada
The nutritionist talked to me about my eating habits, food I ate, etc. and, reviewed my food logs and pointed out things that I could improve.  She talked about the Canada Food Guide and gave me my next "mission"!  LOL  She told me to start following the Food Guide basically.

The social worker talked to me about eating triggers and what changes I had made up until that point.  Wanted to know about my support system and how I planned to make changes in the future.

Not sure how helpful that is, but that was what my visits basically were.

Best of luck  :)


on 4/4/11 11:02 pm
NUT's Objectives: To assess that you are capable of following a food plan, can understand portion sizes, understand the commitment re: diet, vitamins, supplements and are prepared to fulfill that commitment, to see that you have begun the process of challenging how and why you eat the way you do.

SW's Objectives: To ensure you have the emotional and personal support system in place or a strategy to mitigate it. That you have the financial resources in place to handle the costs of food, supplements, vitamines. To assess your status on eating disorders and ensure there is a plan in place to work through them. To assess if you have any psychological barrier that might pose a challenge for your success and work on a mitigation plan for that if you do. To ensure that you have started, or to help you get started on the psychological transition that success requires - more important than the surgery itself in many ways - and that you will be able to develop coping strategies that do not include food.

Don't worry about these appointments. Just be as honest as you can. Both the NUT and the SW are there to ensure you are equipped for success. The better they know you, the more able they are to get you the help to build the strategies and skills that you need.
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