Bowel movements??

on 5/12/12 11:25 pm
I had my surgery on April 30th I had a BM on the 4 but have had no movement since..Today is the 13th is this normal??
on 5/12/12 11:37 pm - Canada
Are you in discomfort? Its not like you are eating a lot that produces a bowel movement.

If you are in discomfort from not having a movement some MIlk of Magnesia (you may need to take a couple doses) should get things moving. That's what my centre recommended when I had my surgery.
Sometimes the best support  you can get isn't all purple puddles and pink rainbows.

Monica M.
on 5/12/12 11:41 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
if you're feeling uncomfortable, you might need a laxative. You're not ingesting a lot of bulk, so you may not need to get rid of much.

(deactivated member)
on 5/12/12 11:43 pm, edited 5/12/12 11:43 pm - Canada
I'd call the centre & get their advice/input. 9 days seems like a long time to go without a BM.
on 5/13/12 12:43 am
RNY on 01/11/12
 OMG 13 days... i'd suggest you take something.. cuz when "she blows" it's gonna hurt... i died after 3 days of not going.. and had to help it out with a push..
good luck!
on 5/14/12 3:20 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12
you definetely need to take something. It is not good to leave it so long.