Six years ago today - July 24

on 7/24/13 5:11 am - Eugene, OR

I had my gastric bypass surgery.  I lost 85 pounds, gained back 20, and I have severe hypoglycemia, but I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.  Nothing like not having your body get in your way when you want to move!

Success supposes endeavor. - Jane Austen

on 8/2/13 1:35 am - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

glad you doing so great im a little less than 2 weeks on the losers bench and doing great but hate this full liquid crap

hopefully on tuesday when I see my surgeon I( can start on real food , 1 shrimp I am dreaming of 1 shrimp

 keep up the good work

I have a great endocrinologist here in Eugene if you need a new one he knows all about the wls and how to deal with problems

pm me if you need his name


   175 lb  lost,412 hw 336sw,241 cw surgery July 22 2013,surgeon Dr Colin MacColl,







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