Surgery tomorrow... please send your good vibes!

on 4/11/11 10:41 am
VSG on 04/12/11 with
It's so hard to believe that April 12th is actually here! Over the past few months I've been both looking forward to the day & dreading it.

I finally got to meet Dr. Nicholsonn this afternoon and am super confident that I made the right surgeon choice. We really clicked and he promised to take great care of me. He also said I'm in a really good position to get to my goal weight in less than a year.

I've been really calm and optimistic for the past few days. I have to say that working my fears through with a therapist in advance was the nicest thing I could have done for myself.

Tomorrow I'm going to lose part of my stomach and gain a renewed perspective on myself.

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on 4/11/11 10:47 am
Prayers and good thoughts coming your way for a smooth and uneventful surgery! x
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Lori B.
on 4/11/11 10:54 am
Yay, good for you! Prayers sent. Post when you can.

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on 4/11/11 10:55 am
VSG on 01/06/11 with
I hope your surgery day is uneventful and you recover nice and fast.

Best wishes!!
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on 4/11/11 11:24 am - TN
Ok, so you have made it to this point and I the journey is just beginning. I am wondering if you had to go on the liquid diet a week or two before surgery?  If so, how did you manage it?  I am more afraind of failing that than anything else! 
I hope you have a minute to share...Best of luck tomorrow and I will be rooting you on!!

on 4/11/11 11:30 am
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!! Keep us posted!
sleeve genie
on 4/11/11 11:39 am, edited 4/11/11 11:39 am - Alhambra, CA
I too was very calm, i knew this was my only chance to get out from under this huge albatross around my neck.   I wish you an uneventful surgery and easy recovery just like I had.  Remember to walk, sip, rest and repeat.   You'll do great and be so glad you did this.   Be very good to yourself and let yourself heal.  Enjoy the new and improved you :o) Jeani
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on 4/11/11 11:40 am - Vaughan, Canada
 Best of luck and speedy recovery.
on 4/11/11 11:50 am
Good luck! 
Surgery Date: 4/27/11 Dr. Aceves
on 4/11/11 12:19 pm - ID
Whoo Hoo!!! Sending prayers your way for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery!
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