Will be 2 weeks post-op. What's in your tuna???

on 7/4/11 5:12 am - LA
I will make tuna tomorrow? What can I put in my tuna? Does it have to be plan tuna or can it pickle relish, mayo, or sandwich spread. I will blend it so it can be smoother. Please let me know.
on 7/4/11 5:35 am
when i moved into the mushie stage i put egg, light mayo,and red onion. It was like having steak for the first time, even though i could only eat about a teaspoon. Enjoy!
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on 7/4/11 6:00 am - Granada Hills, CA
I put a little bit of mayo and mustard (i'm weird lol). I didn't put mine in the blender - just chewed well.

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on 7/4/11 6:11 am - Las Vegas, NV
Tzatziki! It's a low fat low cal Greek yogurt dip. You can get it at whole foods or wal mart! it's so flavorful and creamy without the calories. I eat it all the time even now
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on 7/4/11 6:26 am
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I put light mayo and cut up some dill pickles really fine for mine (right after surgery.)  Now I don't need to cut up the pickles as fine.

Also I usually use the albacore tuna, but right after surgery I did the chunk light becuase it seems to be a bit softer than the albacore.
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on 7/4/11 6:45 am
I passionately hate mayo, so I used campbell's healthy request cream of chicken soup. It doesn't take much to get the moisture that you want. I did onion powder, garlic powder and black pepper. I'll add more later.
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on 7/4/11 7:13 am - LA
Thanks for the ideas. I'm so ready. My doc said I can start tomorrow. I will just chew it really well.
on 7/4/11 9:01 am - Kenner, LA
I am having tuna for dinner, I put mayo, onion, some greek unflavored yogurt, tuna then put it in my little food chopper.

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on 7/4/11 12:19 pm
I like it with a little bit of greek yogurt and pesto- so good!
on 7/4/11 3:04 pm
Mayo, mustard, pickle juice, and salt/pepper- YUM!  :)
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