Changing MyFitnessPal calorie goal?

on 6/25/12 4:30 am - PA
Anybody know how to change the calorie goal for MFP? I'm sort of tired of it telling me I'm not eating enough calories....Surgery is 6/27, so all my liquid days here are "under" goal.  Then just reading the post below re total daily calories, MFP is going to be squawking at me all the time.???
on 6/25/12 4:40 am - Brunswick, GA
 You can change the goals by clicking on goals>change goals>custom  then fiddling with the ratios to get them where you want them.  It will still squawk at you, there is no way to stop that.!   ;) 
on 6/25/12 12:10 pm - Laurel, MD
VSG on 04/05/12
Also, once you set ur goals online, don't weigh-in from the phone, do it online... otherwise it will recalculate ur goals based on ur knew weight... when u do it online it gives u the option of not changing goals and will only ask u every 10 lbs...

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on 6/25/12 12:28 pm - Mayville, MI
VSG on 02/06/12
Thanks I needed this information too!
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on 6/26/12 6:32 am - PA
Thank you all for your help. I have been only using my phone. So I guess I will have to "friend" my laptop.