Emotional pain

on 7/3/12 2:17 am - PA
Tomorrow I will be one week out from sleeve. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning to change my ticker, but I think I am smaller. If some of the tummy bloat would go down.... Physically I feel relatively good.

I had made the deliberate choice not to share my surgery outside of my spouse, children, and one sister. I got tripped up when an email came through that a fellow quilt guild member "needed sunshine" as she had been in the hospital. I volunteer at our library and a fellow volunteer sent me an e-get-well card. (I was having "girlie" surgery). So the people I knew and loved couldn't comfort me, couldn't even be on the prayer chain at church, because it just wasn't their business; and an acquaintance from the library could send a card. Needless to say, it was a multi-Kleenex day. The upside is, I was able to talk with spouse, 2 sons and my sister, and share what I was feeling. (In my family of origin, we didn't have feelings, and if we did we were told what we were feeling...)

So, the happy news is that today is another wonderful day. Life is good. I'm keeping on with my sipping and counting, walking in the house, listening to books on tape, appliqueing, and enjoying the pix of my new grand daughter my darling darling DIL is sending me via text messages.
on 7/3/12 2:24 am
I hope you are feeling better, Sparkie...some days are more emotional then others I found out.

I am also a quilter, it is good distraction for when I have "head hunger".

Don't forget we are all here you to support you.

Missey J.
on 7/3/12 2:25 am - AZ
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Glad Your feeling better ! Keep your chin and congrats on the new grandbaby !
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on 7/3/12 2:32 am - Oxnard, CA
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 When & who to share our choice for surgery is a difficult decision.  Remarks are made through ignorance .... But the words are still painful.  I know I became the talk of the lunchroom at work when a trusted coworker told several people I was having WLS.  So I decided to bite the bullet, put my chin up and be at peace with my decision and simply not care what people said or thought!

Take his time to embrace the new you.... Work on some new amazing sewing project.  The ability to create via fabric is so very satisfying.   Keep sipping .... Walking ..... Dreaming of the new healthy life ahead.     Each day will get better .... Easier.... Healthier ....   Embrace the change and live the joy!
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on 7/3/12 2:40 am
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We all have days, especially early out, when this is tougher than others. Right now you're dealing with a swollen belly, you're still healing from major surgery, and on top of that many of us women are extremely hormonal after surgery because our bodies are flushing out all of the extra hormones that we were storing in our extra fat. It can really be a trying combination.

Be kind to yourself right now. Rest as much as you need to, and if quilting gives you a distraction and passes the time, quilt away. My grandmother was a wonderful seamstress, and I wish I had learned more from her about that type of thing.

Glad you're feeling better today, but don't forget to come here and vent if you need it. You're definitely not alone in this, no matter how isolated you may feel.


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Barbara J.
on 7/4/12 2:38 am - Cape Coral, FL
VSG on 07/09/12
I am so glad that you are feeling better. As you know my surgery got cancelled the same day because of my heart. But, good news, my surgery is now scheduled for Monday July 9th. My heart is back to a regular sinus rhythem and feeling pretty good. I hope to meet you on the other side Monday afternoon. Will keep you posted! Hang in there it will get better, and just think in a few months a new you will appear!