Hi there, newbie here!

on 12/3/15 11:40 am

Hi there everyone,


My name is Jenny and I have battled with my weight all my life. I remember being 7 years old in weigh****chers, doing nutrition counseling at 11, and any and all fad diets you can think of. I'm just so tired of battling this with no end in sight, so I decided to look into the surgery. I have found a clinic and Dr who will accept my insurance (which was the hardest part lol) and have scheduled my appointment with my primary care who will be putting the prior auth in to my insurance so that I can be seen at the clinic. I'm very nervous, but super excited at the thought that the back pain, the tiredness, and all the other stuff that comes along with "morbidly obese" will be soon something of the past! 

I'm not sure if you guys share this info but starting out here are my stats


I'm 4'11" weigh about 240 with a bmi of 48.5 (currently 120 pounds over ideal weight for my height)

I'll add a "starter" pic when I get home (at work now) 

Can't wait to meet everyone and hear success stories to get me even more excited. :)

on 12/3/15 12:19 pm - Greenwood, IN
VSG on 09/23/15

Welcome, Jenny. Congratulations on taking the first step. I hope that your journey through the pre-cert process is smooth and you're on your way to better health asap.


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on 12/4/15 12:55 pm

Thank you very much! I'm not quite sure what to expect because I don't know what the requirements are for my insurance. I do know for a fact they cover the surgery but it requires prior auth. I'm not quite sure what is done in order to gain the authorization but I'm still super excited nonetheless. 

on 12/3/15 12:20 pm - NJ

I was also overweight almost my whole life.  I was average until about age 6.  My parents took me to a "diet doctor" when I was 11 who prescribed speed and supplements.  I lost weight then gained it back plus.  I tried Lean Line and lost again, gained more.  I tried Weigh****chers so many times, that I could have probably paid off my second mortgage, or my car at least.  Plus, I bought all of their products, other weight loss products...  This is the only thing that has worked for me THIS MUCH for THIS LONG.  I am only about 18 months out, but I feel great, remain motivated and in charge.  My weight is bouncing around, but still headed downwards.

on 12/3/15 2:09 pm

Hey Jenny! Congratulations on taking the first step, that was the hardest part for me.

We have very similar starting stats. You should know that I am 6 weeks out and hit one-derland last weekend! This surgery, even though I had a difficult recovery, is the best decision I've ever made. 


on 12/3/15 2:18 pm

whats one-derland? Is that when you finally got out of the 200's I'm assuming? Do you mind me asking your stats? How long did it take to go from the initial consultation to surgery day? I know it's different everywhere but I'm trying to get an idea. 

Great to meet you! ;)

on 12/3/15 2:27 pm
VSG with

Hi and welcome!! Congrats on your decision :) it's a long and rough journey, but we're all here for you!!!

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on 12/3/15 2:44 pm - TX

Hi Jenny, I am so happy for you! Good luck and please let us know how your doing. Yay!

on 12/4/15 12:56 pm

Thank you very much! 

on 12/3/15 3:52 pm

Howdy Jenny, I'm currently 16 days post op. The two week pre-op liquid diet was the part that sucked out loud, but after day 4 or 5 of that, it was a breeze. It was like a switch being thrown. My surgery was on 11/17 and it's been all down hill from there, most of the hunger issues are mental, or actually just stomach acid and not true hunger in which case I pop a prilosec and all is good. I lost 30 pounds prior to surgery on the pre-op diet and since surgery I have lost 26 more for a total of 56 pounds. Just go for it and run with it, it's normal to have second thoughts about it, I did right up until they rolled me into the OR. I was half tempted to jump off the gurney and grab my clothes and run for the hills, but obviously I didn't and I'm glad I did the procedure. Good luck to you.

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