Hi Newbie Here.

on 9/16/11 4:46 am - United Kingdom
Hi. So glad I've found you aIl here.  I have a gastric bypass booked for Nov. 7th in London.  I'm just starting to get nervous about the op though I've also very excited and positive about starting out on the journey to a new healthy me.

Look forward to chatting to you.

Mrs Quiggle. x
on 9/16/11 9:04 am
Congratulations! And welcome to the site- I Invite you to check out all the different forums and find the ones that work for you. There is some great support available here! Do keep us posted!

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly." Richard Bach

"Support fosters your growth. If you are getting enough of the right support, you will experience a major transformation in yourself. You will discover a sense of empowerment and peace you have never before experienced. You will come to believe you can overcome your challenges and find some joy in this world." Katie Jay

on 9/16/11 9:11 am - CA
This is a great site for information and support.
There is also a forum for different areas and surgeries.
I recommend reading all about your surgery to get ready.
Best wishes for a great surgery and recovery!
on 9/16/11 11:39 am - Bellefontaine, OH
Mrs. Quiggle

Hi- Good luck!  My surgery (RNY gastric bypass) is scheduled for November 7th also.  I feel the same way.

Hippy Chick
So Blessed!
on 9/19/11 4:03 am

 Welcome to OH
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