Stomach Pain HELP!

on 9/27/11 10:17 am - Long Beach

I am 2 yrs 8 mo.. post-op. and the last 2 weeks my stomach has been in pain every time I eat, it hurts.. any advise? Thanks..">">>

on 9/27/11 10:29 am
I suggest you contact your dr.  2 weeks is too long to have your stomach pain.  Safety first!  Good luck!

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on 9/27/11 11:18 am
Call your doctor. Any other changes such as your stool? You should pay attention for other symptoms, nausea, dizziness, cold sweats, night sweats..... It should not hurt every time you eat. 
on 9/27/11 11:58 am - Long Beach
 Thanks.. yes you guys are right. I am going to contact my surgeon first thing in the morning.. .. I thought maybe someone had gone through the same...">">>

on 9/27/11 12:08 pm

Should you have any other symptoms, dizziness, cold sweats, or black tarry stools that could be a sign of an ulcer.  I dont want to scare you, but be aware and take care you do get properly checked out. 

on 9/27/11 4:47 pm - Long Beach
 Yes, will do..not scared just concerned... I had not had any complications in the last year....I am positive everything will turn out just fine..">">>

on 10/2/11 10:14 pm
hope you called!!  my surgeon told me about a lady who was 4 years post op and went to the dr the ER etc etc and was in misery for days until her husband oltd her to call them, she had adhesions that were choking off the intestines.  the surgeon said WHY? didnt you call here first.  her surgery was 4 years ago so she didnt even think about it.  not saying you have this, just that complications can come any time.  could be ulcer also,  hope you are feeling better!

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