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 Hey y'all I have many questions about being this many years out..... I know that I am going to get bashed BUT I have never taken my vitamins. I started out ok then just stopped within my first year. Now I am paying for it. I don't know what to ask my Dr. What to do. I am far away from my gastric surgeon. I have been in and out of mental hospitals for the past few years. I have been Dx'd with severe depression, bipolar, PTSD, anxiety, borderline personality disorder,body dismorphia. What is upsetting me is that I knew better but I was on 13 medications already and didn't want to take anymore pills. Now over the past year I have not been back to the hospital. The last time I was admitted was in October 2011. I have tried to commit suicide 4 times, all by taking overdose of pills. I stated seeing a new psych dr. He put me on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg Xanax 1.5 mg 3x daily adderall 20 mg 2x daily and rozerem 8mg bedtime. This combo seems to be working. Might need a little tweaking due to chronic insomnia. But I was on so much more. 2 years ago I was taking 10 different meds. I got a DWI in Texas because my driving was impaired. I do not drink I did not abuse pills. But my driving was impaired, and I didn't know it. What makes it worse was that I had my children in the car with me, we were going to a funeral of a family member. That conviction has ruined my life. They charged me with a felony. I received probation. My PO officer in OK said that it was crazy that I got a felony that I would have received a ticket. Then I moved to WI  and my PO here says that I would have gotten a ticket here as well. It does mess with my emotions to know that it ruined my life. I am in a marriages that I hate. My husband makes a great living. But since I cannot get a job due to my felony it makes it near impossible to leave. 

But my question is does not taking my vitamins ave anything to do with my teeth going to hell? 

I have had to have 3 blood trandfusions due to my body not making something in my blood. I think potassium??? I am a retired military wife I have TRICARE as my insurance. They paid for my Bypass and my LBL. no problem. But the Dental insurance we have sucks. I need tons of work done on my teeth. Crowns all over. About 15k in dental work. I am at the point that I just want them to pull most of them and either give me a bridge or dentures. 

So what other things should I be on the lookout for by not taking my vitamins?

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Well we must say you have a plate full, But you did the right thing by coming back.  I am surprise, but not surprised, that your the doctors you have seen have not questioned whether you are taking vitamins and supplements.  Yes it can effect your teeth and yes it can effect your mental health if there is a definciantcy.  Chances are there is.  Espically if your low in Iron also or if you have low blood sugar which is quite common after a few years of surgery.  You need to find a good Blood Doctor or Gastric Sprecialist who is very familiar with the surgery and its issues.  Post on your state board through this site and ask around.  BUT do so NOW!

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My doctor said a couple of years ago they came accross a lady in the hospitol that was paralysed, unable to speak and generally acting as if she had a severe mental disorder. They had to do some type of either surgery of imaging, i cant remember which but they found out that she had had a gastric bypass. So they started testing her and she had some MAJOR deficiencies. They started giving her vitamins and minerals through IVs and she started coming around. It turns out that she had stopped taking her vitamins and had gone into that state over time. She had a long list of mental health diagnosis' and it all was being caused by a lack of the right vitamins and minerals. You should get checked.....its really not something to play around with. And hey you might start feeling much better.
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(HUGS)... Not taking calcium together with other vitamins and minerasl will make your teeth "to go to hell"> As well as your bones.
Not taking iron, B12, B1, etc - may make your get severe defiecincies - that may casue permanant nerve (like in brain?) damage.
LOw D, B12, B1, iron etc. may cause depression in "normal" people,,, and deepen depression in people who already have problems...

and so on... way too many issue that may be due to low mineral - vitamin blood levels.

First - you need a detailed blood work -

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These are common lab tests ordered after WLS, along with the CPT codes (according to Labcorp) for each

Every 12 months -

·         85025  CBC w/ diff

·         80053  Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

·         84134  Transthyretin (Prealbumin)

·         80061  Lipid profile

·         83735  Magnesium, Serum

·         7444  Thyroid panel

·         83540  Iron Profile (Includes TIBC and Sat %)

·         82728  Ferritin

·         84630  Zinc, RBC

·         84446  Vitamin A

·         82306  Vitamin D (25-hydroxy)

·         84425  Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin), whole blood

·         84207  Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine), plasma

·         82747  Folate, RBC

·         82607  Vitamin B12

·         83970  Parathyroid Hormone (PTH), Intact

·         83937  Osteocalcin

·         83921  Methylmalonic Acid, Serum

·         85610  PT

·         85730  PTT

·         84590  Vitamin E

·         82525  Copper

·         496  Hemoglobin A1C

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It could easily be the reason - and add to that protein malnutrition.  Get yourself to either a nutritionist and/or an endocrinologist to get your nutritional levels under control.  You don't need your gastro doc at all for this.  This could take serveral months - up to a year to accomplish, so no holding back another minute.

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 Thanks everyone. I am making the appointment with my PCM in the morning. I need to call tricare and see if medical will cover my teeth due to vitamin defi. from gastric.?? 

I never took any medication for depression or anxiety before my surgery?? Odd how these little pills mean so much.

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You can certainly ask but if they don't normally cover dental, I doubt they will cover it in this case.  This is probably going to sound harsh and I don't mean for it to, but the problem with your teeth isn't really caused by your gastric bypass.  It's caused by not taking the recommended vitamins for four years.

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