64 oz. of Water for WLS - Fact or Fiction?

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I believe the links/citations are in the article on my website, and which I pasted above for the other reader that got the 404 error. 

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Ah ha, here is why it is not on the AND site! The citation is wrong!! My bad! Its actually from the Institutes of Medicine. Here is a Mayo Clinic article that speaks to it: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-he althy-eating/in-depth/water/art-20044256 

Hey thanks a bunch! Now I will correct my article.

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Steph Meat Hag
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I found that the first few weeks I got dehydrated a few times between the pain meds and lack of drinking.  So I ended up with the above issues.  That was no fun.  So now I'm trying really hard to stay hydrated.  I have found a few days in a row of 40oz and I am going downhill.  I have been able to much more easily reach 64oz and I do feel much better.  I do think more is going to be needed as the summer rolls in and I've been attending work out sessions.  So added drinks will come as needed.  

So do I feel 64oz is a myth or oddly fictional number... YES and so is the 2000 daily recommended calories a day silliness on our food packages.  Both of these numbers are some odd averaging of men/women, weights, and fitness levels.  Now there is NO WAY that number is going to be your number at all just like the 2000 calories a day average isn't yours either.  

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Cicerogirl, The PhD

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You have already been given some excellent info on why plenty of liquids (remember, it does not HAVE to be water!) is important, but I will say that I have never been someone who drinks a lot, and I have never been dehydrated when not otherwise ill.  I do strive to get more than 72 ounces per day, though, because that is what my urologist recommended.  I was rarely getting all 64 ounces, and never had a problem with dehydration, and my urine was appropriately light so I didn't worry... until I started having trouble with kidney stones.  I had never had a kidney stone in my life, had RNY at age 45, and then had three rounds of stone in less than three years starting when I was about 4 years post-RNY. 

I have trouble drinking so much plain water (unless it is ice cold, and sometimes even then, it nauseates me), but drinking flavored waters and tea helps me quite a bit.  

We are at higher risk for kidney stones after RNY, and they hurt like hell, so it is well worth the effort to try to get down an extra glass or two of watwr in order to avoid them!


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