on 1/19/18 1:57 pm
DS on 12/18/18

Not sure where to start. I'm 47, male, 360 lbs, 5'9" (that's a BMI of 53 for those playing the home game), Prediabetic, and my hip and knee joints are getting painfully arthritic, and my family doctor last week recommended I start moving on Weight Loss Surgery and recommended the Sleeve over the RNY. We don't have any local providers so it appears likely I'm going to have to travel a couple hours to get to a doctor (Which is going to really limit my access to the support groups etc through whatever clinic I go through).

Married with three adult kids at home (firstborn comes home for holidays and summer). Wife and oldest kid at home work full time, youngest two are both autistic, youngest is going to be dependent the rest of his life. I'm the only obese one.

I've read the 'Sleeved Life' by Pennie Nikola and am working through 'Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies'. I've also been researching a bit online (which is how I stumbled onto the OH forums).

I've tried to lose weight several times. I can think of half a dozen times where I've gotten 30 pounds or so off. I was down to just under 300 pounds about 3 years ago from a starting weight of 340, but obviously it didn't stick. The only formal program I've been a part of was the Weigh Down Workshop about 16 years ago.

I work as a truck driver, I'm home every day but I work 4 nights a week from about 3 PM to 5 AM running pretty hard, so feeding myself not-terrible stuff is a challenge.

I read in the Sleeved Life that soda's a no go so I've dropped it the last two nights (I usually down 3-4 17 oz Dr Peppers a night along with 2 1 Liter Lipton Teas, and 2-4 23 oz bottles of water, and sometimes a 32 oz Powerade) and even with the 2 teas it was painful. I'm not sure if the drop in Sugar or in Caffeine was making me head bob, or if was just Psychosomatic. I've used Diet Dew before for soda so I could switch back to that but that obviously would be a short term solution. Anyone have any insight?

I enjoy cooking at home occasionally (I cook for real about every other weekend). I usually make a big pot and we eat on it for a few days. I also will heat up a prepared meal a couple times on my days off (in part to make sure the youngest two are eating some real food). I like cooking and I'm a decent cook, the problem is it almost always results in my binge eating. I'm not sure how to keep cooking as a hobby without sabotaging myself.

Since my doc can't give me a direct referral, I'm going to have hunt down a weight loss center myself and do a lot of calling around (At the least I'm going to have to call my insurance company and one provider to start the process). I'm introverted and calling people is pretty stressful. I'd appreciate any guidance from folks who've had to do this themselves.

Sorry this is so poorly focused.

on 1/19/18 2:26 pm
RNY on 02/12/18

I would start with your insurance carrier if you plan on going through your insurance, that is what I did at first, as my plan has different coverage for tier 1,2,3 providers, etc and they are very helpful with locating network providers and centers of excellence.
a lot of insurance plans also have websites you can access to research these things so it minimizes the need to call. (I understand that anxiety).
Good luck to you!

on 1/19/18 4:20 pm
RNY on 08/21/12

I was in the same boat as you. Then I waited until my BMI hit 60. I should have done mine at 53.

As artchikk said, find out what your insurance requirements are. Some are very specific as to which doctors or programs you can use. If you are covered at all. They should have a list.

Most programs require you to attend informational seminars. Go, watch, ask questions. Do a few, if you have choices. Then schedule a preopointment with a surgeon. All of the above should be free.

Don't settle on a surgery type. It's nice your family doc made a recommendation, but lay everything out in front of the surgeon and see what they recommend. There are serious reasons for different choices.

You'll have to give up all soda for at least several months after surgery. It will make you feel horrible drinking carbonation for a while. And you'll need to stop drinking ANY calories after surgery. Forever. You can drink a ton of calories, and you will find yourself gaining weight instead of losing.

Good luck. Stick around, ask questions, and let us know how it's going.

6'3" tall, male.

Highest weight was 475. RNY on 08/21/12. Current weight: 198.

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Shannon S.
on 1/19/18 6:19 pm
VSG on 11/07/17

I suggest calling your insurance company and obtain several names of bariatric surgeons that accept your insurance. You may also be able to do this online. Once that is done, research your surgeon, and find a very experienced one with good reviews. A center of excellence is always sought after, as this means the complications rates for that facility are slightly lower than others. Once you've done that, you'll probably have to go through a 6 month supervised nutrition while simultaneously completing other requirements before approved. I drove an hour to my surgeon monthly, and I've been told there are bariatric support groups close by. Just because your surgeon is far away doesn't mean you won't have a local support group. Hopefully there will be! Wishing you all the best!

on 1/19/18 10:59 pm
DS on 12/18/18

Thanks for the helpful replies. I have to make another call Monday to confirm, but it appears my company has excluded bariatric surgery from our insurance. So I'm going to have to lose enough to last until we can save enough to pay cash.

on 1/20/18 3:56 am
RNY on 08/21/12

That's too bad. More and more policies are excluding WLS entirely. Others are putting restrictions, or having more hoops to jump through.

You seem to be good at researching. Take a look at WLS in Mexico. Lots on these boards go through programs down there, and have great experiences. It costs a fraction of self pay here.

Good luck.

6'3" tall, male.

Highest weight was 475. RNY on 08/21/12. Current weight: 198.

M1 -24; M2 -21; M3 -19; M4 -21; M5 -13; M6 -21; M7 -10; M8 -16; M9 -10; M10 -8; M11 -6; M12 -5.

Laura in Texas
on 1/20/18 7:24 am

I agree with Grim. Research surgeons in Mexico. Dr. Alvarez (https://www.endobariatric.com/) has an excellent reputation and I know several people who used him. They meet you in the US and escort you to their clinic.

Laura in Texas

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on 1/21/18 12:12 am
On January 20, 2018 at 3:24 PM Pacific Time, Laura in Texas wrote:

I agree with Grim. Research surgeons in Mexico. Dr. Alvarez (https://www.endobariatric.com/) has an excellent reputation and I know several people who used him. They meet you in the US and escort you to their clinic.

Hi Laura,

I weigh 220 pounds, 5'4". I want to undergo Roux-en-Y gastric bypass to lose weight. Do you feel this works good?

(deactivated member)
on 1/20/18 2:38 am

Hi I weight 220 pounds, female 5'4". I am suffering from severe arthritis and my doctor advised me undergo Roux-en-Y gastric bypass to lose weight. I am here to know the how successful is to undergo this surgery.

H.A.L.A B.
on 1/20/18 7:50 am

You got a good info from others.

When I attempt to limit caffeine or sugar - both cases can cause severe headache.

Caffeine withdrawal headache is much worse- in my opinion, than the when I lower the intake of sugar of carbs.

Since you may have some time - unless the headaches are manageable- I would feel off sugar first - then start lowering my caffeine. I am a coffee junkie, do once in a while I need to reset my coffee intake. I often do that by slowly limiting the caffeine- by mixing real coffee with decaf. Doing that for at least a couple of weeks.

My caffeine withdrawal headaches can be horrible, blinding, at the same level as my migraine are. Not cool.

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