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Last Week 187.2
This Week 186.2

Going back to work today. Not feeling actively sick, but still pretty run down. Ready to be moving after a month in quarantine.

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Last Week 186.6
This week 184.4

Youngest Daughter's test came back positive so the whole house is quarantined. Ordering groceries online sucks. Spent way more time and had much more stress having the groceries delivered than the

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Last week 185.4
This week 184.4

Back in the Saddle again. Actually have been pretty busy at work. We're covering more territory now and since we're only working 4 days a week the trucks have been pretty full. Sorry I don't have a funny pic

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Last Week 192.2

This week 185.0

Trying to get back in the swing of things. Between a breakdown and some brutally cold weather it was a challenging week. Had an employee meeting at the warehouse so had to make the trip 6 times this week.

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I blame it on the Tuna

"I blame it on the Tuna"

Last week 188.2

This week 192.2


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#PremierProteinGiveaway Been using Premier chocolate shakes all...

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Didn't see a post for this week, so here goes.

Last week 194.8
This week 192.2

Weather has persisted in a late su

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Last Week 260.2 This week 260.8 Another stall. As Pepe La Pew would say "Le Sigh."

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Last week 269.2

This week 273.2

I'm still losing inches so I'm being philosophical about this. Was Officially taken off of my meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes Wednesday. Have to pick up a scrip for Actigall but th

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Not sure where to start. I'm 47, male, 360 lbs, 5'9" (that's a BMI of 53 for those playing the home game), Prediabetic, and my hip and knee joints are getting painfully arthritic, and my family doctor last week recommended I start moving on Weight Loss

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