Count your Calories!!!!!

on 11/28/23 4:20 am
Mini Gastric Bypass on 02/06/20

Hi Members,

It is always important to read the Nutritional Facts or Labels of all food and drinks before you ingest these food or beverages. People should count their calories they ingest daily to be sure they burn the calories out which is called (energy expenditure). What happens to lots of people they ingest more calories in a day than they burn off. What happens to the extra calories get stored in their adipose as (stored fat) this where weight gain begins. The Energy we ingest is (Food) actually are considered calories. If you not trying to burn those calories off after eating food, eventually weight gain will occur.

Saturated Fats stay away from as possible. Try focusing on eating food with Unsaturated Fats that is healthier for you. Food with high sodium and high sugar contents not healthy for you. Cook your food with virgin oil much better than butter. Your calories should be counted in all foods you are going to ingest and beverages you are going to drink daily. Calories you can burn off during the end of the day by exercising, walking, jogging, or riding a bike to burn off those calories from the food you have eaten today. If not, it will be stored as fat. Energy cannot not be destroy or made.

Count the calories in the daily foods you ingest and beverages you drink it is very essential!! Keep a "Food Journal" of the daily foods you ingest and beverages you drink. You will be able to log the calories in your "Food Journal" book. You will be surprise how much calories you consume a day... record the dates and time.

I truly care for others and helping others to a healthier journey in their lives.

Best wishes,

on 12/3/23 8:07 am

The holiday season is a time of year it's SO easy to gain ( or regain ) unwanted weight. Between the long dark cold days that make it harder to exercise , the layers of body- hiding clothes ,and tasty, seasonal food offerings and parties .... lol .

Over the last twelve years since my RNY I've found a few things to be helpful :

1) I try to eat soup first - it's very filling, warming and relatively low calorie.

2) I'll drink hot tea or coffee and THEN have a few bites of exactly what I'm craving. I find I get full faster this way .

3) I try to socialize away from the buffet lol ! Unfortunately in some parties the catered food comes to You ...keeping a dainty two or three and no more appetizers on the plate helps too :)

4) Wearing cute clothes that show your hot new body off is always a good distraction as is meeting new people :)

Wishing everyone a great holiday !

on 12/31/23 7:41 am

Happy Holidays, Manhattanite ?

Just saw your post and I totally agree that holiday time is challenging. I did well this year. How did you do?

~ Carla

on 12/31/23 5:10 pm, edited 12/31/23 9:14 am
Mini Gastric Bypass on 02/06/20

Hi cpcampbell,

We are going to have holidays all year around. I continue to eat in moderation and small portion of food on my plate. You will be tempted with cravings for food you should not eat. Each day you will be tempted with food. You have to resist the temptation be mindful of the food around you.

February 6, 2024 will be my four years Post Op. I continue to have continuing success with not gaining any weight. I have met my overall weight loss goal last year. You have to stay fully committed and devoted in accomplishing your goals. You have to eat healthy and in moderation and count your calories intake making sure the calories you consume doing exercise activity equals to the calories you ingested. This could prevent you from gaining weight or having a setback?

I am an advocate for people battling obesity. I am a Spokesperson for a major hospital in California. I communicate with the Pre Op and Post Op patients every month for the group session.

I continue to motivate and uplift those helping guide them to overcome their struggles with obesity.

Happy Holidays

on 12/10/23 9:04 pm

It's different for everyone. I can eat any amount of food and will not gain weight, just poop more. The main priority is to figure out your equilibrium between food and exercise and try to be consistent each day including vitamins.

on 1/13/24 2:38 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 02/06/20

Hi Jmm4321,

lots of people have high metabolism so whatever he/she eats will be digested no weight gain. Unfortunately, lots of people metabolism is low so not high like yours Jmm4321. I am happy you can eat all the food you want. For lots of people it is unfortunately because of their age or other situations that hinder them to take a dump everytime he/she consumes a lots of food.

The foods you consume will become calories. If you do not do exercise activities your calories will be stored as fat in the adipose. Energy from food can not be destroyed or created. It going to be stored if you do not burn up the calories you intake daily on a daily basis.

Best wishes

on 12/15/23 11:06 am - Bastrop, LA, LA
VSG on 10/28/16

Totally feel you on checking those labels. I used to ignore them, and bam, extra pounds. Now I'm all about that unsaturated fats life. And yeah, keeping a food journal opened my eyes - didn't realize I was munching that much.

on 12/24/23 9:48 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 02/06/20

Hi MsNikki318,

Yes, continue eating the unsaturated fat with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated healthy fats. When you cook utilize Virgin Olive Oil it is healthier for you.

Keep a Food Journal because it helps you monitor what you eat and beverages you drink on a daily basis. You can keep a count of your calories intake as well.

Happy Holidays ?

on 1/7/24 6:18 am

I didn't check labels either, but now I do. Still don't keep a journal mainly because I have a empty nest now and I don't cook as much. I stock up on my proteins I can bake, broil etc. Steamed veggies plenty of water protein shakes. Have to watch breads ?

~ Carla

on 1/8/24 11:22 am - Spokane, WA

Please remember that it is more than just the calorie count that matters--look at all the current research on highly processed food. While some may have calorie counts that are appropriate, that doesn't make them a good choice.

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