Interesting Medical Journal Study - WLS & Interpersonal Relationships

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I just happened to run across this medical journal article earlier today. We have all seen talk on here as to WLS, despite the great positive physical effects it produces for us, promoting post-op divorces and other disruptions to our social lives. Interesting conclusion (and kind of predictable), but I won't be a "spoiler" here and instead let you read it for yourself. t=An%20early%20qualitative%20study%20reported,and%20might%20 lead%20to%20divorce.&text=Divorces%20after%20bariatric%20sur gery%20were,of%20surgery%20led%20to%20divorce.

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Interesting, but it's a Swedish study. I wonder how relevant Swedish social practices are to the US.

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Sounds interesting! WLS (bariatric surgery) can truly have a significant impact on various aspects of a person's life, including social relationships. In college, I was asked to read something, so I found an annotated bibliography writing service, I use ice for this. It's simply unbearable; on the first page I'm already falling asleep. But I could read magazines like this for days. There are really interesting facts written there.

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on 3/17/24 3:27 am - Warren, OH

Often aftsr weight loss surgery a person goes from being Ignored by the opposite sex to suddenly receiving a lot of admiration and attention. That can be a big challenge for their marriage or relationship. I used to tell people that it is possible to avoid divorce but might take some work to do so.

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The weight loss study didn't seem to point to much. The only result worth noticing seems to be that younger participants had a higher rate of broken relationships post-wls. In some relationships, people may settle for partners if they think that's the best they can do and don't want to be alone. Post wls, they may feel they can do better (whatever their definition that means). In other cases, I think the significant other feels threatened by the perceived or real new attention to their partner.

on 4/29/24 7:11 am - Live Oak, FL
WLS may/can cause problems in any relationship especially, marriage. With that being said, it takes a lot of work on from both sides to keep that relationship good. I have found myself on both sides of the fence (both husband and I have had WLS). And it's not a good place to be.
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