Structure 1200 Diet Plan

Charmaine C.
on 1/22/14 12:25 am - Columbus, OH

Do anyone have a structure 1200 Calorie diet plan I can try to help me create one of my own :-)


MSW will not settle
on 1/26/14 11:30 pm


Is this what you're after?  All I could find are the usual 1200cal diets or lifestyle changes as diets like to call themselves today.  Hope you find what you're looking for and it works for you.

1200 Calorie Diet Meal Plan

So you want to lose some weight? This is a common goal for many people, especially women, though it may seem impossible to do efficiently. But, by following a 1200 calorie diet meal plan you can slim down and improve your quality of life. However, always remember that you would also need to do enough exercises to get the desired result.

Although it initially sounds improbable, a 1200 calorie meal plan is actually very achievable. With minor changes in your diet, you can not only survive happily on a 1200 calorie diet, but also healthily. Unlike many fad diets, the 1200 calorie diet plan does not restrict you to certain foods. The 1200 calorie diet plan works not because it makes you eat smaller portions, which is healthier. However, in order to experience a greater degree of success it works best when your 1200 calorie diet is based on fresh and unprocessed foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. As with any diet plan, please consult a health-care professional if you have any concerns,as it may also be advisable to add a daily nutritional supplement to your diet.

By making sure you choose healthful foods, it is uncommon to experience severe hunger pains.By learning to select your own nutritionally balanced meals and by including regular physical activity, you are likely to achieve long term weight loss results and manage stress and depression more efficiently.

Be aware that a 1200 calorie diet will involve lots of counting-if you have a smart phone, there are several apps available that help you track your meals that can also be accessed online. It is important that you do not go below 1200 calories, as this could prove slow your metabolism.

Below is a sample 1200 calorie diet menu for one day.

Breakfast time:

1 piece of fruit
1 cup skim milk
1 cup whole grain cereal

1 granola bar

Lunch time:

One piece of fruit
1 cup shredded romaine lettuce
1 cup of chopped vegetables
A ½ tablespoonful of mustard
1 whole wheat pita bread


2 Tablespoons of hummus
3 ounces of carrots or other vegetable

Dinner time:

Sautéed spinach
1 chicken breast
1 cup of skim milk
2/3 Cup Cooked Couscous

A few suggestions to make the diet meal plan more effective:

  1. List out your menu for the day and week prior to starting. This ensures that you not only eat regularly, but also makes you less likely to cheat!
  2. Eat in small quantities every two to three hours. This helps you avoid hunger pangs and fatigue.
  3. DO NOT skip meals.
  4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  5. Get plenty of rest (7-8 hours a day).

Feel free to make any changes depending on your preferences, making sure to reach your goal of a 1200 calorie daily intake. If you feel hungry in between meals, make sure to drink lots of water! Not only will it quell false hunger pangs, it will also help to flush out toxins from your body. Adding in exercise with your 1200 calorie diet can also help to improve your results. Following a 1200 calorie diet meal plan is not just about counting calories, but is a lifestyle change that can leave you happier, healthier and thinner! So what are you waiting for? Start today!



                   MSW   Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass: Eat sensibly & enjoy moderation  

 Links:  Are you a compulsive eater?  for help OA meets on-line Keep Coming Back, One Day At a Time  Overeaters Anonymous 


on 3/30/15 8:12 pm

Is this for WLS or just dieting? For WLS, you can search sites that list them for free; even here but you'll have to look. Mostly for WLS, your simple carbs and starches are almost non existent. Low sugar, low salt, and low fat intake is the focus. Foods that are dense in nutrition should be what you are looking for. Within your plan, WLS, you need to add a bariatric type vitamin which would be part of your daily life post op too. Exercise, decaf drinks, chewing 30x and eating slower, and no sodas will get you going in the direction for being prepared for WLS and post op life. Your choice and enjoy your journey!


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