God is.....................you finish the rest

on 9/1/14 9:45 pm - Stone Mountain, GA
VSG on 09/08/14

 Everything to me......

    VSG 09/08/2014  God brought to it he will bring you through it!!!! Heaven Bound 



on 9/2/14 4:45 am - Vancouver, WA

Good all the time, all the time God is good! Welcome to the forum! Not a busy one but I usually pop in everyday to see if anyone has shown up. I notice there are lurkers out there who don't post but do read, I see you!  Feel free to post anytime, it is welcome.

on 12/19/14 1:22 pm - Canada

My source!

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on 1/19/15 1:53 am

....with us on this weight loss journey...Praise His Holy Name!!!

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