9 Months post op and everything is wonderful!!

Jan 25, 2016

Awesome Fabulous Amazing Spiritual, those are some of the words to express my life now!!! I am 9 months post op, I have lost 166 lbs from my heaviest.  I know most of you are kicking around the idea of having surgery to assist you in losing weight but maybe are afraid that it wont work, well, IT DOES!!! But its only a tool, not a solution!! You have to work at it, and if I can do it anyone can!  I have far more energy than I can ever remember, my kidneys, cholesterol and bp were all in bad shape, now all are in normal limits and oh I was anemic and now  NOT!!  My husband claims hes like a kid in a candy store, NEVER has he been with a smaller woman, and to him its like Christmas everyday! My grandkids are so energetic and now grammy can keep up with them, and that is something my own kids didn't have. The most fun I have is when someone I haven't seen since surgery sees me and are blown away by the weight I have lost! I never tire hearing "Stacy you look amazing!!!"  Its something that fuels my ambition to keep moving!! January 31 2016 I am going to be water baptized as a rebirth in my life, things are moving fast and to me, its like a new Stacy has been born, not that the old one wasn't fabulous but this one is moving forward in a much happier healthier fashion!  If you are wondering about making that first phone call to schedule this life changing surgery , please do, if you have any conderns or questions feel free to ask anyone on here, drop me a line, I have no problem telling my story!!! God bless and Good luck!!! 


Surgery Done! April 21,2015

May 25, 2015

I had the RNY done on April 21, had no issues and really not too awful painful, nothing I couldn't handle.  So far doing very well, HW 378 SW 314 CW 295. I am losing slowly but i like it better this way.  People can see a difference, and are always complimenting me on my weight loss. This is definitely NOT the easy way out, and don't let anyone tell you differently.  i am in the puree stage, its a little better than the liquid phase I was in for a month. I am having issues with eggs, (boiled) and turkey. Still healing so hopefully things will start to come together soon.  All in all, very happy in my decision to get healthy. Thank you for all the prayers By the way I had an awesome surgeon, Dr Peter Lalor Rocks the RNY!

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Tomorrow is the day!!! Scared, nervous and anxious!!

Apr 19, 2015

Well tomorrow is the big day! AT 10 am I will be heading into the operating room!!! I hope everything goes well and I can move on with this weight loss!!!

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Apr 15, 2015

Surgery is set for April 21st. and I am heading through my second week of a full liquid diet!!! Wish me luck!!!! I have waited too many years to finally get this chapter over with and start living!!!!

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Met my goal weight the Dr laid out for me, now all is left...

Apr 01, 2015

is to submit the last three months worth of stuff and lets get this show on the road!!!! Soo want to get this past me!!!


Third and final dietitian appointment done!

Mar 15, 2015

Ok, so the nutrition appointments are complete, all tests are done, stress test came back great, echo came back great, No sodas, sweet drinks, or caffeine since December 4th! Still working on the chewing things 25x and no drinks 30 min before and after meals, but other than that I am pumped!!! Just waiting for the Dr, to call for that last appointment and my surgery date! Getting really nervous, but luckily I have found a friend that I used to know from high school that had the same surgery by the same Dr. She had hers in July of 2014, so needless to say, she has been very helpful and I'm glad this has brought her back in to my life, its been too long! Hopefully will be posting a surgery date soon!!!

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Psych Eval is complete!

Jan 24, 2015

Well I went for the psych eval week before last, it went well, took about three hours in all. This Doctor assured me that Dr. Lalor is the best of the best and I will be in the best hands possible! He said he has sat in on several surgeries, he said that Dr. Lalor makes sure everything is sealed up, pressured checked and good before he closes up! That helps put my mind at ease for sure! Two more nutrition appointments left and then its approval time! 


second nutrition is over... I survived

Jan 10, 2015

Well I went to my appointment and met with the dietitian, she was very happy that I gave up all soda , all caffeine, and sweets. But I still have some questions, does anyone eat normal foods after surgery? I know its smaller proportions, and no drinking 1/2 hr before or a 1/2 hr after. But can any of you eat hamburger, steak, or sausage? Can you eat smoked sausage? I was told I needed to switch to turkey bacon, turkey burger, and I am just concerned that I wont be able to eat certain selections. I am however down 5lbs, and will be going to not only the diet appt next month but a support group as well so I can ask questions.  

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Ok so off the Coca Cola for good this time ...I hope!

Dec 09, 2014

Dr. Lalor wants me off the carbonated drinks, I LOVE LOVE my Coke and it has been a breeze so far to kick this habit, hopefully it will continue!!! 

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First Consult done and Pre Op completed!

Dec 04, 2014

Went to meet my Dr. today, we decided to go toward the RNY rather than the gastric sleeve, he feels it would be in my best interest. So if all goes as planned I will be able to have surgery early spring!!!! 


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