More updates to surgical constipation treatment.

Kayla B.
on 5/4/11 8:16 am - Austin, TX
This is a follow up to this thread: pdate-to-the-constipation-saga/#36197860

I met with my urogynecologist again yesterday, as I had to do a urodynamics test.  This is a test to measure bladder function.  They insert a catheter, fill up your bladder, and have you cough, determine your level of incontinence.  Just about as fun as it sounds.  LOL  It came out normal.

The Dr. says he's been thinking of the best surgical option for me.  Currently, he thinks fixing the rectocele and cystocele with mesh, then tightening the ligaments and muscles of my pelvic floor and lifting everything up and attaching them to my sacrum will be the best option.  It'll kinda be like using my hips to pull up all my pelvic organs.  Kinda scary option.  I know I'll never have the option of a vaginal delivery should I get pregnant, and he said I'd need a special kind of c-section should that happen as well.  This plus my hormonal issues, plus malabsorption from the DS...makes me feel like it will probably be better for me to never be pregnant.  These pelvic problems are usually caused by pregnancy and delivery, so most patients would take this news a little better...because they've likely already had at least one child.  I'm not really sad about it...I know there's no nail in the pregnancy coffin, but it's not exactly encouraging.

He also is afraid that all of this may not help my constipation issue.  He really thinks a partial colectomy and reducing the length of the sigmoid colon is necessary to help.  And even then... no guarantees.

THEN...because I'm young and in good shape, we're also working on combo-ing this with a tummy tuck too.  Woot. :)  I've been to 3 consults and found a surgeon I really like, so we'll see if this works out or not.  I've discussed this with my gastroenterologist and we both think that it's POSSIBLE that with all the fat loss, there's just so much extra room in my abdomen that my colon isn't being opposed and cinching things in COULD help.  Regardless, I want a flat tummy...haha.

I still have some insurance hoops to jump through.  I have to do a round of physical therapy that focuses on training my muscles to produce better bowel movements, and I need to do anorectal manometry, which is a test that measures muscle function in the rectum and sphincter.  Can I just say I'm so tired of having fingers up my butt?
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on 5/4/11 9:10 am
 Oh man, I bet you are tired of it.
You just haven't had a break, hopefully you get a tummy tuck out if this and your problems get resolved.

Julie R.
on 5/4/11 10:01 am - Ludington, MI
 Yikes, that's a lot of stuff for a young gal to take in!     You, as always though, are staying on top of things, and I'm really proud of you for being so thorough in getting to the bottom of a very complex situation.    

Keep us posted on how this all transpires.    
Julie R - Ludington, Michigan
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on 5/4/11 10:32 am - Houston, TX
 Poor baby!  I bet you ARE sick of all the tests!!!

Glad to hear you have options, though....and keeping you in my prayers that you will finally get all this under control.

Here's to pooping 'normally' again!  

Flat tunny does sound like a really nice perk!  :-)


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on 5/4/11 12:16 pm
Hi Kayla,
Here is a different perspective, and one that I may be flamed for:
I have been wondering what we are creating in having post DS babies. I know that you read / research everything. Good for you. I read Emily Dean's blog( Evolutionary Psychiatry) , a Harvard Med School trained Doc who specializes in psychiatry with a focus on how nutrition affects our brains and our children's brains. She often mentions, or reviews studies that discuss the necessary nutrition, especially fats, for development of the embryonic brain.
Having read this,I wonder if  post DS females should ever have children. I wonder if WLS mom's--completely unintentionally, are creating a generation of seriously injured or altered brains. A very scary thought. Time will tell, but will an entire generation suffer for it?
I'd bet that most doc's would poo-poo this idea. But if you read the current literature, the mood, actions, sleep patterns, stress hormones and nutrition of the pregnant mom profoundly sets a course for that infant brain.
So, should a WLS female, especially DS, bear children?  Food for thought.
I am very grateful to be beyond having to make this decision.
Best of luck to you with your procedures. Your path, thus far, is very similar to what I experienced.


Kayla B.
on 5/4/11 12:52 pm - Austin, TX
Oh, no I definitely won't flame you.  I am just finishing a class about nutrition and its effects on our genes and how in-utero nutrition can not only affect the expression of our offspring's genes, but our offspring's offspring's genes.  My professor is pretty much obsessed with omega-3s and their beneficial effects on our bodies, brain development, psychiatric health, and cardiovascular system. 

I can't say I'm totally convinced that this detriment can't be overcome, though.  Humans are incredibly adaptive.  I'd kinda wonder whether the baby would adapt itself to a low fat diet because that's what it thinks is available out of the womb.  There have actually already been studies shown that babies born to women that were pregnant during famine are more efficient with calories and when they get into a world with plenty of food eventually, they actually experience increased rates of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
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on 5/4/11 1:05 pm
fascinating, isn't it?  I hope to be around long enough to see what develops!

on 5/4/11 12:26 pm - VA
 I am thinking about you!
on 5/4/11 2:17 pm - Fort Bragg, CA
You've been through so much, it makes me sad.  I've always been inspired by you and hope that you will find a quick recovery for all your ailments. I now you're a strong, well informed woman who will do what she knows is best for her life.  I'm sorry you have had to endure all the torturous testing, but at least you're figuring things out & learning that there are things that can be done to make you be better.  I wish you nothing but the best!
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J G.
on 5/4/11 3:26 pm
****!  Yeah, yeah, I know that's the whole idea.

Kayla, this is alot for you to go through, all the medical appointments and then the weight of the decision process.  I feel for ya, kiddo.  You know I think you're just the best. And yes, you definitely deserve a flat stomach out of all this!

-hugs, Jenny
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