Questions about revision from RNY to DS- xpost

on 6/28/11 12:22 am - Shore Area, NJ
Hi Everyone,
I have an appointment to meet with Dr Roslin in NY tomorrow. I know he will be able to answer most of my questions i have, however, from reading this board as well as the DS board...I would really like to hear from all of you.

With the RNY I lost 170lbs, I never did reach my personal goal - I still needed to lose another 50 lbs!! however now my 4th year - I've regained almost 70lbs of what I've lost...ugh, plus the 50 that I still needed to lose- for a total of 120 to loose... I'm assuming it is because my body has adjusted and I no longer have any malabsorption, Does this also occur in the DS?

I know I would not loose as fast as someone that had the DS originally- however I would really like to loose the 120lbs, is that possible...probable??

I really have no idea how much of my intestine was bypassed with my RNY, how much is common with the DS?

I have seen many of you talk about your vitamin regimen post DS, i know that with my RNY I also had to take vitamins and do not see where I would have any issues taking the vitamins that are needed for my body...that being said, I am VERY anemic, I get iron infusions about 3-4 times a year, and get B12 shots every other week. I have been on high doses of iron and prescription iron without it helping at all, will this create more of a problem with the DS?

Any other questions, I should be asking tomorrow?

Any and ALL help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
on 6/28/11 6:48 am - Shore Area, NJ

Sorry 1 more question, I also wanted to ask, with the DS do you fill full and stay filling full?
I used to with my RNY however now about 20 minutes after I eat, I feel like I didn't eat at all...

What carbs do you have a problem with? (or what carbs are a no-no?) I have seen people use low carb bread, what about potatoes?
on 6/28/11 7:36 am - bay area, CA

RNY works almost entirely via restriction and very little through malabsorption. So, while you may have lost what little malabsorption (of calories, not calcium, iron and B vitamins) that you started with, the main reason you have regained weight is more likely a loss of restriction. You describe how you feel hungry shortly after eating, rather than remaining full as you first did. It sounds like the stoma has stretched, such that whatever you eat just drops out of the pouch and into the intestines freely, creating that hungry feeling.

With the DS, much more of the small intestine is bypassed, so we have permanent malabsorption (though it may lessen somewhat with time) and much greater malabsorption than with RNY. This is extremely helpful in maintaining permanent weight loss. We tend to have better absorption of B vitamins and iron than with RNY, but this is definitely something to discuss with Dr. Roslin. No one can tell you whether or not you will get to a normal weight, only that your chances would be much better with DS than with RNY with a stretched out stoma.


on 6/28/11 9:40 am - Shore Area, NJ
Hi Larra,

Thank you for your response :) I'm sure my stoma is stretched out, as I never feel full like i used to and that hunger "demon" has come back with a vengance...ugh

That is good to know about the B and iron absorption, i will ask Dr Roslin more about it tomorrow.
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