Elizabeth N.
on 8/4/11 4:03 am - Burlington County, NJ
Vitacouple have been on a very difficult cross country journey to and from the ASMBS conference with about a gazillion stops in between. Original itinerary got super moderated due to breakdowns and health issues.

These changes benefited me, though, cuz I got to spend half a day with them in the Yellowstone area, AND they will be in Montana next week!

Please spread the word to your various lists! We are not clear yet whether it will be Monday or Tuesday, but the location will be the Cattlemen's Cafe just outside Three Forks (at the livestock auction facility there). This is a nice centralized location on US Highway 287, a stone's throw off I-90.

PM me for more information. Here's hoping we can find several folks who'd love an evening with Vitalady!

Bonnie R.
on 8/4/11 8:46 am - Stratford, CT
DS on 04/05/10 with
 oh how I dream of Cattlemen's Cafe.  Love that place!  Have fun!
Elizabeth N.
on 8/4/11 8:49 am - Burlington County, NJ
I had breakfast there the other day and the server (the one with the very long braid) remembered not only that you two had been there, but DETAILS! Like where you were from, why/how we met etc. Guess made an impression LOL!

Oh, and remember cowboy Roddy? I got to see him in action the other night at a rodeo. It was a bad night for him; he missed his steer and his calf both. Tough way to earn a living :-(. (He's a roper, team roper and steer wrestler. Didn't team rope that night though.)

Bonnie R.
on 8/4/11 9:04 am - Stratford, CT
DS on 04/05/10 with
 HA! I actually can believe she remembered us!  What with those pics of Terria with Roddy and the other cowboy!  Such a fun trip and lots of laughs.   

Have a great time!  Tell the waitress we remember her too!  And of course who could forget the cat!
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