Houston surgeon

on 4/25/13 9:22 am

Davis wont do DS on friend who is 350+ pounds. Convinced him to get the RNY. Lame, I know.


Friend's wife is thinking of vsg or rny. Who is a good DS surgeon in Houston? Where are the HADS?

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on 4/25/13 9:36 am - VA

Wilson in Houston but I don't know a lot about him. 


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on 4/25/13 11:59 am - TX

I have just gone through this myself. I wanted to see someone here in town that was good, personable, and I felt comfortable with him and his office. I have found that in Dr. Terry Scarborough. I went to see him for my consult on Tuesday and he stayed with me long after my appointment time answering every question I had. He's not "vetted" so a lot of the folks I've talked to told me to ask him a billion questions to make sure he knew his stuff. There's another site that had a surgeon questionnaire, so I took that with me along with my own list of questions. I also like that he has an online "seminar". He answered all of my questions with sincerity, enthusiasm, and compassion. I feel very safe with choosing him as my DS surgeon. If you want more info, you can PM me.

on 4/25/13 8:09 pm

I thought I knew all the surgeons on Houston claiming to be DS docs. I have never heard of Terry Scarbrough. Check out Dr Stewart in Denton. Its not that far and he s one of the best DS surgeons. I personally wouldnt want someone doing my DS without a few hundred of em under their belt.

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