Protein Powder expiration date?

on 5/5/13 10:44 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

Does protein powder have an expiration date?  I have two 5 # tubs I just fond in the back of the pantry,  I bought after my VSG 11/2011 and I have look high and low on the bottle and cannot find any dates.  It smells the same.  How would I know if it is foul.  Heaven knows I no further digestions upset at this time ( or ever).  I bough on line so cannot take it back for exchange and it was from SEI labs in florida and they have no one the answer this question.  I have called them.  Thanks ( hat to loose all the $$ if I have to thro it out.  But better safe that sorry).

on 5/6/13 8:05 am - Nashville, TN
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I also hate to wast things. I would prob try one dose of it n see what happens. Most stuff has a longer shelf life than what is listed anyway. Gl




on 5/6/13 9:50 am

Make a shake and see what happens.  Most everything lasts longer than the printed expiration date anyway.  Especially when it's been stored in a cool dark place.

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