Abdominal Disquiet

on 6/15/13 1:04 pm - Atlanta, GA
Im not sure how else to describe it. Its not really pain, but more discomfort of about a 1-2 maybe on the scale, plus a sick queezy feeling. Having normal bowel movements daily, its just each afternoon for the last 3-4 days I have had this feeling. I really only feel it on the left side. It kind of comes in waves and a soft massage helps a bit when the queezy feeling happens. It was worst but still not terrible on thursdsy 5-11, then I hv experienced it much less, but still each day. Increased my probiotic and that seemed to help. Mornings I am fine. On my phone, so I hope I have explained this clearly, just not sure how to proceed. Should I contact pcp, colorectal doc? Dont want to overeact, but dont want to ignore something serious. Has anyone else experienced tjis? Any suggestions? Thanks so muvh.

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on 6/16/13 8:57 am, edited 6/16/13 8:58 am
DS on 12/19/12 with

You said probiotics helps.  I would experiment with different foods.  It could be you are not eating enough at that time, and acid is being created - and making you queezy.

I suggest you try eating a little yogurt an hour before the episodes occur.  Or protein of some sort.  See if that cures it.

If food/yogurt are not helping, call your PCP and get some tests ran.


on 6/16/13 12:46 pm

I don't have any advice, but I've got to say how much I like the phrase 'abdominal disquiet'. That so perfectly fits!

on 6/17/13 4:59 am - Atlanta, GA

Thanks all.  I have kind of come to the conclusion that the crystal light was messing with me.  I used to drink it, adding just a little bit to my water when I wanted flavor.  But for the past couple of years, Publix has been having my favorite (Juicy Juice Cherry) on great sale and I started keeping that stocked adding about 3 oz to a 32 oz glass of water.  So I haven't used the CL in a couple years at least.  Ran out of juice and needed some flavor, so I went back to the crystal lite and opened a new pack.  I thought it would be okay since it was sealed, even though it's over two years old.  I started adding it to my water on Wednesday night.

Thursday, I had the first episode and it was the strong, though still not very bad.  Lasted about 7 hours and ended with a full voiding a couple of times that night when I normally just go once in the morning.  Then felt fine Friday morning and it started again around 2pm til about 11pm, but it was not nearly as strong as the day before, but still ended with going to the bathroom a couple of times - soft, but not diahrrea.  Still, felt fine Saturday morning and had it happen again around 6pm Saturday night til just after midnight and again, less than the day before and ended the same way.  Saturday was when I wondered if it was the CL and threw it all out, just been drinking water since and staying on increase probiotics.  Felt fine yesterday morning and haven't experienced it again.  I'm thinking it was the CL was just too old.

I'm still going to schedule an appointment with my doc, because I'm pretty sure I have a hernia just to the left of the navel.  It doesn't really bother me unless I truly overindulge in something that gasses me up.  Not ready for any kind of surgery, but I do want to keep an eye on it.  Thanks for your input folks.


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