Been sick all week, my worst nightmare has arrive

on 8/18/13 7:31 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

I have been sick for 5 days,  I am just starting to tolerate water andprotein juice Blood sugars are 180! Up from 88 all last week  My lips are parched, throat is dry.  Now that I am tolerating fluids I have watery diarrheal stools


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on 8/18/13 7:37 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

I tried to type  more anyone get a default to Lindstorm agency for fighting insurance refusals?  Happens often.  anyway I an onthe recovery but worry about the blood suagar and pain in my right lower quadrant. waist level  vry pain to stand and sit


 Pre Op 450 lbs +/ VSG 10/2011  421 lbs/ DS 4/2013 371 lbs

on 8/18/13 7:45 pm - VA

Sounds terrible. Please tell me you're consulting or seeing a doctor. 


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on 8/18/13 9:38 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

I never know when it is "Bad" enough to bother the MD.  I will call her thi s am and leave her a message.   


 Pre Op 450 lbs +/ VSG 10/2011  421 lbs/ DS 4/2013 371 lbs

on 8/18/13 10:31 pm - PA

I would say that no intake for 5 days is past the point of "bad enough".  Especially being so new post op, and diabetic.  Hopefully you have been in touch by now.  If not, get to the ER.  You are seriously dehydrated and need IV fluids,

on 8/19/13 3:36 am - Riverview, FL

The lower abdominal cramping is a telltale sign of dehydration ( I know from first hand experience). You need to seek medical attention stat! do not call and wait for an answer. Please get yourself to the nearest ER. Your body is telling you that it is in desperate need of fluids and electrolytes.

on 8/19/13 4:25 am - Duson, LA
DS on 06/05/13

Load up on Piadilite juice now

on 8/19/13 6:02 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13


thanks everyone,  I did go to my endocrinologist and she said if It do not begin taking fluids go to the Er so here I am at 3 am calling 911, I am to seek and light headed to drive,  My BP is 88/52.  Blood sugar  are still somewhat high 160 or so but she explained when the body is understress it produces cortisal whic is recognized in your body and treated as sugar.  Thanks again. Tis all happens so fast.


 Pre Op 450 lbs +/ VSG 10/2011  421 lbs/ DS 4/2013 371 lbs

on 8/19/13 11:06 pm - PA

Go get better, then keep us posted.

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