Concentration issues?

on 1/27/18 6:34 pm
DS on 10/25/17

I'm an author. I had my DS surgery at the end of October. Because of the holidays and some family things (and recovering from surgery!) I basically put writing on pause (I did other things like marketing and such).

I recently sold a book to a publisher with a very brief deadline. I have written full-length novels in the same timespan before, so I wasn't worried. However, now that I'm in the middle of it, I'm having a really difficult time. I have a harder time concentrating (even with reading, which I've always loved to do) and find my mind skipping all over the place. I'm not meeting the daily goals I need to meet. I can't even get motivated. In the past there was this, "You don't have a choice, get the book done" feeling. Now? The situation is the same but I just can't make myself do it. I also don't want to/can't ask for an extension (honestly wouldn't be possible and would make me look unprofessional to the publisher). I'm able to meet my obligations and responsibilities in all the other areas of my life - but in being creative and making up a story, I'm really failing.

I was curious as to whether this was normal for anyone else, or if I'm just paddling away in my rowboat alone. :)

on 1/28/18 12:03 am

I write too. Usually for pennies. I am not in your league. Me personally, I look for excuses. Love the story part but all those nasty details like continuity bog me down. I have to watch myself because I will procrastinate, avoid, and use every excuse ever written. Some books are much harder to write than others.

Some may theorize your difficulties are hormone related because you are in the rapid weight loss phase. And it's quite possible!

on 1/28/18 7:40 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

It wouldn't be unusual for the first couple of months just with the whole major surgery / healing phase but not usual after that.

Are you getting in as much liquids and protein as you should? Did your Doc do 3 month labs or are they waiting for 6 months? Mine did both 3 and 6 months the first year but some Docs start at 6 months. It might be something secondary to the DS like a med change that was done too early or hasn't yet been done.

So, short answer is not usually the case but there are a lot of things going on when you are early out that may be an issue. Good luck. What kind of books do you write, if your screen name is more related to your reading than your writing?


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on 1/28/18 2:08 pm
DS on 10/25/17

I believe I'm getting all the water/protein I should. I have apps on my phone and I'm religious about recording everything (including bowel movements). I've also switched over to the vitamins recommended here in the forum - apparently I was taking far too little based on my doctor's recommendations. I haven't done three month labs, which makes me think my doctor is waiting for six months.

I write sweet/Inspirational romances. :)

on 1/29/18 6:26 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

Nice. So the obvious culprits don't seem to be an issue. It is a little early even
if you were taking lower doses than necessary you were taking something so it
isn't likely to be a vitamin deficiency this early. Sounds like you have things covered.

Keep us informed if you think of anything or the Doc has some ideas. If it gets bad
enough you might call your Doc to go in early just for peace of mind.

I was pretty nervous the first 6 months about getting things "right" whatever that
meant to me from day to day but could still concentrate after the first 4 to 6 weeks
where I found I really needed an afternoon nap when possible.


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Valerie G.
on 2/9/18 12:12 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

Some take a while to get their head back in the game. I think it may be from the anesthesia. I couldn't handle the television for a few weeks because the pictures moved too fast. Critical thinking can definitely be affected. The bad news is that you may still recovering. The good news is that you should be at the tail end of it.

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Janet P.
on 1/29/18 8:07 am

I tend to agree with PattyL - hormones run a muck in the few months immediately after surgery. I also agree with Pete. We tend to be so focused on the DS and "doing everything right" that our life sometimes gets in the way.

Honestly hard to remember 15 years ago but I do know that the DS was my #1 priority and everything else got pushed aside (including my life). You'll get back to center soon.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 1/29/18 1:24 pm, edited 1/29/18 5:24 am

I think it's quite normal for the the DS to sort of take over for a while. Your whole life centers around all the changes!

on 2/2/18 5:14 pm
DS on 10/25/17

Could it possibly be from a lack of carbs? I've read that removing them from your diet can give you low energy and cause some brain fogginess.

on 2/17/18 4:19 pm

I'm having a DS in April but was just browsing on the RNY thread. How's your iron?