I failed the DS, taking responsibility.

on 1/30/18 9:42 am - Canada

Hi, I am a person who gained weight after DS. I always thought it failed me. I have FINALLY, after years, understood that I am responsible. I failed the surgery. I ate carbs as much as I wanted, and junk. I over ate and stretched out my pouch. I currently weigh 210, was around 180 at time of DS.

I have started a new page in this mess. I am ditching the fries, Doritos, chips, chocolates, candies, and bread. Today for lunch I had slices of chicken with avocado, lettuce and gouda cheese. A few cherry tomatoes too. I am done blaming ds for this fail. I feel like such a Jerk for never trying before. I am trying now and would like to provide updates once in a while. I hope all of you out there are taking things day by day and keeping positive.

My dinner tonight will be beef with zucchini and cottage cheese for snacking. NO mounds of potatoes to go with it.

-Michelle in Ontario Canada

on 1/30/18 2:13 pm - VA

You can do this, Michelle. Sounds like you're off to a great start.


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on 1/30/18 2:20 pm

I wish you every success. Read up on Atkins induction. That's just about the diet you should follow. Are you doing well on supplements?

Don't get me wrong here, I am happy so many people CAN eat protein and whatever and still lose or maintain. But that sure isn't true for many of us. Me included!

on 2/7/18 2:29 pm

I like your mention of Dr. Atkins' Induction program. So many people don't realize that almost all modern healthful ways of eating started with Atkins. He hardly ever gets credit!

on 1/31/18 4:57 pm
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You have a sleeve not a pouch. Try and stick with meat and lots of fluids. Fill up on protein, sticks around longer ;)

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on 1/31/18 10:35 pm
on 2/1/18 7:09 am
RNY on 08/21/12

I'm sorry, but none of this is true. The OP started at 180. It's certainly possible to gain from that weight with a DS, or any surgery. There's no indication this was the surgeon's fault. The OP is stepping up and taking responsibility for bad food choices, which is brave and smart.

There is no magic surgery. You can gain with any of them.

No surgery bails you out from an abundance of bad decisions.

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Janet P.
on 2/6/18 12:03 pm

Michelle - it's not all or nothing. You ultimately will need to find the balance in what you eat every day. Considering you started at what I call "a lightweight" at 180 has me wondering about the surgery itself. You also mention "my pouch". You do realize that with the DS you do not have a pouch - that is terminology for the RNY. You should have been given a sleeve. This may be a stupid question so forgive me (and please don't take offense) but did you confirm that you did indeed have the DS? Have you reviewed our operative report to confirm this?

You never mentioned when you had your surgery (and how long it took you to gain the 30 pounds). Did you ever lose any weight - even at the beginning? Were you taught about eating low carb/high protein? How are your labs? What's your vitamin regime?

Sorry for all the questions but like others have said, I have never known anyone who never lost any weight with the DS (and only gained). I've known literally dozens of people who have had the DS.

Once you get a handle on living with the DS definitely check back with us periodically with updates.

Janet in Leesburg
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on 2/6/18 5:04 pm - Canada

Hello, I am sorry I did not follow the strict code here, I described my stomach sleeve as a pouch. So let me correct this mistake and call it my stretched out sleeve.

I had a vsg 2009, lost about 80 pounds. Then became inactive and gained 30 pounds. So at 180 I had a ds, or should I precisely say, the second stage to become a complete ds. 75 cm. I did not lose one pound, in fact I gained soon after. So I had my sleeve slightly tightened while having a hiataus hernia repair. Surgeon did not want to tighted sleeve too much since "that could be disastrous". And now I am up to 210 pounds.

I contacted my surgeon recently and he wants an upper gi done with barium swallow to look at digestive tract. That is being arranged now. In the last week I have dumped the carbs and junk. 1 pound lost.

So now you know of a ds person who did not lose weight, I am sure it is my own fault for non compliance. Yes I was told how to eat and supplement. I just did not listen. Let me just say, I did not drink chocolate shakes all day, but I did eat the wrong things, junk and carbs. I never tried. My severe depression probably let me just give up from the beginning. Never tried. I honestly want to try now, I hope it is not too late.

Janet P.
on 2/7/18 12:02 pm

Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately I'm not surprised because I have heard many people who had the switch done after the sleeve and didn't lose a pound so don't beat yourself up too much. You have recognized that the carbs are your downfall and hopefully you can right the ship and move on. Also not sure if you are in counseling, but that could also help.

We're glad you're here and we'll help as much as we can. I know Major Mom does a daily post. You should join her so you can at least be accountable to yourself.

Janet in Leesburg
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