Give it to me! The good, bad and the ugly. Plz

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I am being put on the waiting lost for either the biliopancratic diversion or, Gastric Bypass. The MD will decide which is moe ideal for me once the results from my endoscopy are available. I also have a Hiatal Hernia to repair. (sleeved in 2014 with regain & reflux)

i have watched numerous videos, and articles to get as much info as I can to prep for pre-op and lifestyle changes post op. The best advice I feel i can get is from those who have had the procedure

please let me know how things went for you. (The surgery itself, vitamins, bathrrom issues, skin, weight lost etc). Pros. Cons and whatever in between. Lol

thanks for ur feedback.

White Dove
on 8/19/20 9:50 am

The lifestyle that you followed for the sleeve should be very similar to what you will follow after any other weight loss surgery. Weight loss is from eating less calories than you burn. Any surgery can be eaten around.

My lifetime rules are to track my food, weigh daily, exercise daily and to diet when I have any regain. I don't call it a lifestyle change. To me it is a diet.

Bathroom issues depend on the person. I need to take fiber and magnesium every day. I add a laxative when needed. I also have suppositories and enemas in case of bad constipation. And x-lax in case of diarrhea. Some people have no issues. Many are OK with Miralax daily.

Most people lose 20 pounds with a revision. To lose more you will need to incorporate proper diet and exercise. Your body will fight to gain it back and you have to keep fighting for life. If I relax, I regain very easily. Skin issues are totally dependent on the person. I did a lot of weight lifting exercise during the losing phase which built muscle and kept the skin filled in. I still needed a tummy tuck since there was an area of excess skin that exercise could not get rid of.

Some weight loss will be from malabsorption. That depends on the type of surgery and on how much intestine is bypassed. The malabsorption from gastric bypass lasts for about 18 months. You could end up with permanent malabsorption. Your surgeon will answer that for you.

Good luck with everything.

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