Anyone NOT have issues with vitamin?

on 8/23/20 3:40 pm - NY
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I am considering DS surgery and I am wondering, does anyone NOT have issues with vitamin deficiency? or is that just the way it goes? I hear so much about iron infusions and vitamin d and ferratin way too low. Is there anyone do ok with their levels?

* Nicole *
on 8/24/20 5:38 am, edited 8/23/20 10:38 pm

Vitamin D is a battle for most everyone even non WLS folk just with the DS it can be a hair of a struggle more because D is usually absorbed in the duodenum.

But me personally my vites havent ever been an issue lab wise. I take 1 multi a day and 1-50,000 iu D3 as related to my DS (Im 15 years post op and no exactly DS related issues). Now I take a handful of other things but thoes are related to my multiple connective tissue issues. I have certain things that are more effected by the connnective tissue disorders more than my DS. But my Drs and me have found a "happy zone" that has been superb in my health. I cant take calcium, magnesium etc because my body is actually excessive on them. But I eat salt like its no ones buisness (usually 4-5,000 mg a exaggeration, because I sodium waste something fierce. Which also means I have to be careful with my water intake or I flush to much out. Its a PITA, lol.

But like everything YMMV. No one person is the same as the other. Some have to heavily supplement, others are mid range, and then the rare that need little compared to others. You will find the right balance for you and soon its just 2nd nature on taking it.

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White Dove
on 8/24/20 7:00 am

Because the part of the intestine where vitamins are absorbed has been removed, it it not possible to be heatlhy without taking supplements. It is a matter of frequent testing to find what you need. And those needs change. So you might have everything in balance and then suddenly have a big drop and need a lot more treatment.

I did not need iron infusions for about ten years, then ferratin started dropping drastically and I needed infusions.

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On August 23, 2020 at 10:40 PM Pacific Time, catalina07 wrote:

I am considering DS surgery and I am wondering, does anyone NOT have issues with vitamin deficiency? or is that just the way it goes? I hear so much about iron infusions and vitamin d and ferratin way too low. Is there anyone do ok with their levels?

it is actually, not possible to NOT have malabsorption of vitamins , if the surgery is done correctly, because of the intestinal bypassing as white dove said.

anyone who says they have never needed supplements is either lying, their surgery was done incorrectly or they are about to be in a world of hurt, with irreversible damage occurring and death is possible.

taking supplements is not optional and it is really not a big deal.




Janet P.
on 8/24/20 1:19 pm

With the DS you WILL have to take vitamins. Whether you develop deficiencies is another story. Everyone is different. Every surgery is different because every surgeon is different. Some of us have more issues than others. The key having the DS in my opinion is being proactive. You need to understand how your new insides work. You have to start with a good list of supplements. Make sure you're monitoring the right labs - when I get labs done once a year they take anywhere from 15-20 tubes of blood. Over the years my surgeon has developed a great set of labs and I have a wonderful primary doctor that works with me to make sure I stay healthy.

I had my DS 17 years ago. I'm now 63 so I am dealing with osteoporosis. Combination of heredity, age and the DS. I have always had issues with my iron and ferritin levels (I simply don't absorb oral iron) so I have managed that with infusions (and having a great hematologist). I take large doses of D3 (150k per day) so my levels are in the normal (low) range. All my other labs are good because I manage them - I take my vitamins religiously. Get them checked every year and adjust accordingly.

With all of this, the DS was the best decision I ever made.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 8/25/20 10:59 am

Most people on the planet are D deficient. It's just a fact.

I had surgery almost 20 years ago now and I have never had an infusion or been low on anything. I take a small handful of supplements twice a day. Morning and evening. It's not a big deal at all. I do my labs myself and make my own decisions on what to take and how much. I stay active and informed. I learn from others.

Are you talking about a standard 2 anastomosis DS? Your CC will be about 100cm? You might have to work at it a bit but it's doable. If you are talking about a hybrid procedure like SADI/SIPS, the CC is longer so it is easier to manage the malabsorbtion. But... You need to know you are sacrificing some of the power of the procedure for easier maintenance.

Me personally, standard DS and my CC is 75cm. I wi**** was shorter.

Janet P.
on 8/25/20 11:24 am

This just shows how different we all are. I've got a 100 cm CC and I've always had issues with certain levels and staying in the normal range (iron/ferritin, D, calcium/PTH). I take lots of vitamins 3 times a day.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 8/25/20 12:30 pm - TX

Patty - quick question, how do you do your labs yourself, could you please share? It has been hard finding a doctor that will order everything even with an explanation of how our system works- sometimes they will order some but not everything, if I could find a different way to do it I'm interested, thank you!

on 8/25/20 2:43 pm

It is not hard at all. To find companies that will do this in your area just google how to order your own bloodwork. I know others who do this and we all use different companies. Some of them require a doctor's order. Some don't. And there are others who will have their doctor issue the order.

If you have insurance verify if and what they will pay before you go this route. Don't give yourself a huge bill to pay unless you have no choice! I learned how to do this because I had no insurance for about 10 years!

on 8/27/20 8:24 am - TX

Thanks for the insight! I appreciate your experience :)

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