Anyone covert from Sleeve to DS?

on 1/24/21 7:42 am
VSG on 06/07/18

Which surgery did you opt for? Why? What is your success so far?

on 1/24/21 9:20 am

Hi There,

I sure did. It really boiled down to weight regain after the sleeve. 5 years down the line and I was close to my post-op sleeve weight again, and the numbers kept creeping up.

I did a lot of research before making my mind up, and ultimately I felt very strongly that I was bound to gain more weight. I went in for surgery about 7 weeks ago at a BMI of 32. I was private pay with Dr. Ungson who uses the Hess Method, and now I am seeing a great DS specialist here in Los Angeles for aftercare to make sure I get my lab work and vitamin regimen done correctly.

So far I am down about 15 pounds, the aftercare doctor is stressing that I focus on losing weight more slowly and work on gaining muscle. On a footnote, there is a brewing theory that helped me make my decision. Basically it is the idea that some of us are super absorbers and have longer intestinal tracts. Indeed, I am was one of them, but thanks to this procedure not anymore. Here is a link with a YouTube video that is helpful in explaining:

Obesity is a complex disease. The move more, eat less model, which is pretty mainstream is outdated and the research is showing it's simply not true. I know so many folks that could benefit from WLS but they are simply stuck in a state of mind that it's somehow their fault and therefore they can change it through traditional dieting. The DS is the most powerful surgery available, but it comes with responsibility regarding daily protein intake, vitamin supplementation, yearly or bi-yearly lab work, and such.

There is always risk with any surgery. And there are no guarantees I will be thin forever either. But I was able to look at that square in the face and know in my heart getting this surgery is the right decision for me. Being on this board also really helped, community members helped me in the process of deciding too. I knew a diet was not a forever solution and unsustainable, and I knew I could not live feeling trapped in my own body. I may have regain, problems in the future, and such, but it's worth it to me. This is my journey and there is something bigger than myself looking after me, so however it works out, I have faith.

There's a zoom mtg every Saturday staring on 1/30, the link is one of the most recent posts. Good luck on your journey too.

on 1/24/21 9:54 am
VSG on 06/07/18

I truly appreciate your response. I believe all those things to be true as well. I will join in on the zoom as well. They say slow & steady wins the race. Like you I also have faith & trust!

Many blessings!

on 1/24/21 3:26 pm

Thank you for posting too, it so nice to talk to other people that have had WLS. Hope to see you at the Zoom mtg this Saturday!

Hooray to faith, trust, and slow and steady:)

on 1/27/21 5:58 pm, edited 1/27/21 10:00 am - North York, Canada

I am similar to you where I had the sleeve done (mine almost 7 years ago) and the weight is creeping back on. I eat about half of what an average person eats and usually make good choices (I do indulge on holidays/birthdays) but other than that eat clean and the weight keeps creeping back on.

i went to see a surgeon and he suggested a revision to DS. And a glass ladder removal at the same time. I am very nervous but feel this would be the best thing for me.

was recovery similar to the sleeve?


Surgery date August 11, 2014 gastric sleeve with Dr. Rotstein at St.Mike's

starting weight 309 4 months out 237

on 1/29/21 8:32 pm

Hi! I was really nervous too, especially at a lower BMI, but I am so happy I went through with it. Incidentally, the surgeon that I am seeing here in Los Angeles for aftercare said he would not have performed the DS on me because of my low BMI. However, the other surgeon thought it was appropriate since I had significant weight regain and had a sleeve. So don't let one surgeons opinion put you off if you do decide to go through with it Sassy75.

The recovery was more intense with DS than with the sleeve, I was very tired for the first two weeks and had mild nauseous through the first 7 week, although it was on and off. Also, getting vitamins in was difficult and I didn't start supplementing until I was about 2 weeks out. I was on a regimen that is popularly recommended on this and other WLS boards, specifically for those with DS, but my aftercare doc pull me off citing it was way overboard and not healthy. He said it was way too many vitamins, so food for thought.

Anyway, it just boiled down to me feeling I need more help and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to successful lose and keep weight off without more help. The focus now is getting protein, vitamins, and keep hydrate. If you get a chance, check out the Zoom DS meeting, the link is on the board here:)

on 1/29/21 10:12 pm - North York, Canada

Thanks so much for your reply. I appreciate it. I will look for the post with the zoom meeting. And I will keep you posted about my progress!!

thank you again!


Surgery date August 11, 2014 gastric sleeve with Dr. Rotstein at St.Mike's

starting weight 309 4 months out 237

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