Vet ere.....looking for insight....10 Year Post Op

on 3/29/21 11:01 am - Atlanta, GA

Hey Everyone!

It's been a very long time since I posted and it's been 10 years going on 11 in September since my surgery. I've kept the weight off (regain and lost 20 pounds) and life is great. Now that I'm 50 and in menopause, life can be different. I think that's when I gained weight during menopause and it drove me crazy. But when I was finally finsihed, things went back to normal. That was rough. For my 50th birthday, I had a tummy tuck, and convinced my friends to do it too. I have never looked and felt better. It you are considering it, don't consider just DO IT. The look alone will change your life. I work out with a trainer and since being this age, I eat a lot cleaner (lowering my carbs) so that I can truly maintain. I'm trying to hit my magic number and I'm 4 pounds away but the struggle has been real. I eat my protein but need to increase more. Potato chips use to be my crack and Mountain Dew use to be my heroin. But I have control now and it has gotten a lot better. For my Vets 10 years out or more, what's your secret to maintenance?

Janet P.
on 3/30/21 4:14 am

Nicely done! Turning 50 for me was great and turning 60 even better (I'll be 64 in a couple of weeks). I'm 18+ years post-op.

Honestly my secret to maintenance (this morning I weighed exactly 150 pounds - my goal weight from day 1) is to eat whatever I want with a few caveats - protein first (at a minimum of 100 grams a day) and drink plenty of water (I consume a minimum of 64 ounces of uncaffinated liquid - usually crystal lite or similar). Everything else I eat in moderation. I don't deny myself anything. I've learned over the years how my body reacts to different foods and I always keep that in mind. I don't keep track of my carbs - I go by instinct and just the knowledge I've gathered in living with the DS.

P.S. I take my vitamins every day. I also take a probiotic and added fiber. I go to the doctor on a regular basis to make sure I stay healthy. I will say I've dealt with iron deficiency anemia almost since day 1 (it's under control using infusions - last one was 3 years ago) and I also have osteoporosis. Getting ready to start prolia infusions - stay tuned.

Congrats again and keep going.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 3/30/21 1:01 pm

To maintain, I still have to diet hard. Less than 20 carbs a day is my life. I know I can't cope with eternal deprivation so I do give myself cheat days. Holidays and out town vacations. That way I feel like I still get to participate. And I make lists of things I want to eat. My cheat day for Easter/Passover is right around the corner and tops on my want list right now is toast and Cadbury eggs. But that could change between now and then.

I work out too. I run and walk my dogs but the only workout that has made a difference for me is HIIT(High Impact Interval Training) because it seems to boost my metabolism a bit. I would be much happier with my weight and my body if I could afford plastics. That TT is tops on my list followed by arms and face. I do have a hernia that just might pay for a big part of that TT. As of tomorrow I will have as much immunity from COVID as I am going to get(last shot 2 weeks ago) so I am going to start looking for a surgeon.

It took me almost 20 years postop to reach a normal BMI. Best guess, I didn't get the best DS. My CC is supposed to be 75cm but I have never had a single deficiency so not sure if I believe it. But if I diet hard I can control my weight now. And I couldn't before, diet or not! I was always a good dieter. I just couldn't keep the weight off.

I eat between 80 and 100 gr protein per day. Don't count fat at all. And right about 20 carbs. 30 is a bad day! Probably means I had a salad! I eat a lot of low carb wraps for sandwiches, pizza, and tacos. I really don't eat much. If I do, I gain weight really fast! My body is used to low carb.

Congratulations on being only 4 lbs away from your goal. Keep up the good work!

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