Looking for Sleeve to DS Surgeon Recommendations Southern ID or Salt Lake Area

on 4/19/21 12:36 pm - MT

HI, I had the sleeve done in 2011 and like some other people, the weight has crept back on. I'm in SW MT and there are not too many surgeons who do Bariatric Surgery or revisions/conversions here. I did contact a Surgeon in Billings who did sleeve and RNY, but he did not want to do the surgery on me and basically told me to live with the surgery I have and to lose the weight. I felt embarrassed and discouraged after the video call. So a few months later I have decided to move on and try to find a surgeon who actually does revisions/conversions for sleeve to DS.

Is there anyone out there who can recommend such a surgeon in southern ID or in the Salt Lake area?

5' 11", HW 287, SW 270, GW 170                    
on 4/19/21 5:52 pm
DS on 10/25/17

Rocky Mountain Bariatric. I'd recommend Dr. Paulk, but one of the surgeons should be able to help you. 801-268-3800

on 4/20/21 7:24 am - MT

Thank You!

5' 11", HW 287, SW 270, GW 170                    
on 8/14/21 6:57 pm
WLS on 09/07/21

I would highly recommend Dr Cottam at Bariatric Medical institute of Utah

I'm scheduled for September 7th

I am self pay and it is totally reasonable

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