Sleeve to do a Duodenal Switch revision.

on 1/23/23 5:51 pm
VSG on 03/10/13

Hello all. I am waiting for my date this week to have a sleeve revision to duodenal switch. I have a million questions about what to expect and need a mentor. Is there anybody in here who's had the sleeve revision to duodenal switch.

I am much more anxious and scared this time around. Not even sure why.


on 1/24/23 3:50 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Hi there,

I haven't had a revision and I'm still in my honeymoon phase, as it were, so I don't have a whole lot of feedback there.

I will say that from everything I've seen, a lot of DS used to be done as a two-part surgery with the intestinal half coming months, or even years later as the patient lost weight.

Hopefully your surgical team is able to help with nerves. I went in with a list of questions and that helped a lot to reduce nerves on my surgery date. Wishing you all the best!

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on 1/25/23 7:54 am - CA

I haven't had a revision, (or as some would call it, a "completion", as you're just taking your sleeve and completing the DS...) though that's something that's always on the table if needed - that "Plan B" is something I discussed with the surgeon going into the VSG, and Dr. Keshishian has discussed it a few times in our support group over the years. My wife has lived with her virgin DS for almost 17 years now, so that has been part of our life for quite a while.

So, not quite your situation, but there is a lot of DS knowledge on this forum, so ask away!

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on 2/1/23 10:27 am

Hello, Tanya, I am a 20 yrs Post Open RNY, 2003, I was not offered or if they used Robotic then, so the huge incision, and recovery, and lost around 75 of 100 goal. But it worked, and had a 10 lb up and down of goal for 20 years. (Sorry for typos, I don't see spell check?)

So, my recent couple yrs weight regain, big gain, have tried diet, and low exercise just hadn't moved my extra lbs., (the WHY BELOW), After a yr of really trying, nothing is happening, so just revisted my former wght loss clinic, tests, papers, appointments, phyc eval almost 6 months later, just got approved, and my SURGERY DATE February 20th, for a "DISTALIZATION", NOT D.S., I was surprised, what is the difference, GOOGLE, and this blog, searching, reading, etc. It looks so close to a D. Switch , and they will take the small intestine by my Y, down from my pouch, and pass by around 3/4 my small intestine, into the last portion, just prior my bowel. The obsorption of calories, and of course for me, (even less vitamins, and minerals!!) My bypass, unlike your sleeve, I already have my small jntestine routed shorter, but not near what your D.S., or my Distalization will, I have already had on, and off through the years, low labs, and deficient in multiple areas. Mostly due me, and not filling vitamin/med organizers weekly, having them ready.

I'm excited to follow you, and see how your surgery goes, and your results, I was told by my surgeon, around 60% weight loss of extra, is average. I've read that as well.

So, it's coming fast now, I start my 2 week diet, protein drinks, 3x day! That's it, and being lapriscopic, and mainly dealing with lower than liver, not as critical I loose x number of lbs, as a 1st time sleeve, or RNY, would be. I also have much scar tissue from my RNY, and a 4 level lumbar fusion, done through my lower abdominal area, and had a big attack of bowel obstruction in 2007, 5 yrs after, it hit out if the blue, and serious when I say, a six of coffee mid mug, pain hit full throttle, a sip of water set the pain into, a 10 plus, grind my teeth pain! After 1 day, tests, scans, multiple ER Docs, found scar tissue, and kink, causing full blockage. I had to agree to another full open abdominal surgery, exploratoryL ugh! To say I'm not a bit nervous, I would be lying. If I want to walk again,play with future grandbabies, I need help! (Say a prayer for me.)

My Pre story, as why extra weight gain, after 20 yrs RNY

Now in last few years due to many surgeries, Spinal, cervical and lumbar, then bad highway passenger crash, 2017 put me down, and unable to exercise much at all.. dieting,, and fighting to be able walk again, without a (shopping cart, as a walker) or short distance, just turned 62, and damn, I've lost too much time, I can't get back! I need, pray, strive to lose the 50-75 lbs, that hinder me, and tire me out, And live again!!



on 2/2/23 9:50 am

Hello Tanya,

I've received your msg, later my post, I think I added you as a friend, I've looked on this site a lot through the years, however not very active, thus trying to figure this out, like FaceBook,. Lol

OMG, lady, as they say it, your a "Glutton For Punishment", hope your knee, Isn't a full replacement!

Yes, I definitely want to keep up on our developing progress, even though a different procedure, very similar in nature. I looked over all the image's, read each procedure, over, and over, and had a really hard time, through verbiage, of how, and where, the changes are made, in the small Intestines. I've never been very good, with the whole anatomy thing, the (inside parts), is parts. Lol

Good thing, I changed my direction of what careers I was to enter, decades ago, Dr. Surgeon, or Administrative Office, haha

Take care, my procedure "DISTALIZATION ", Like your Duodenal Switch, (twin surgury) is fast approaching, the 20th is just around the corner, I guess maybe age, is why as you wrote your more anxious, and scared this time around, I am as well, I blame mine on age, and all the surgeries I've had, in all, came through the anesthesia good, I am more fearful now, and with my B.P., higher now, 20 yrs after my RNY, the though of blood clots, etc., come more to mind now, then ever!

Blessings, Patty

on 2/28/23 7:15 pm - Hutchinson, KS

Hi Tanya, I had the sleeve in 2008 and lost 180 lbs regained 110 lbs, had DS in 2017 and lost 80 of the 110 regain. I would do the DS all over again. I make sure I take all of my vitamins EVERY day. That is absolutely a must! I eat at least 90 grams of protein and 90 grams of fat everyday. I do need iron infusions every 2 or 3 years. My labs are good and I feel good. I'd be happy to share any info you would like. Good luck! You will do great!

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