Anyone diagnosed with FM * after * WLS?

on 6/7/12 5:52 am - Turlock, CA
 Hi there - I am a 5 1/2 year post op that was diagnosed with FM back in November.  In the last 4 years, I had a cervical spinal fusion in my neck (C5-C6), and have major back pain due to a fall down stairs in 2005 (before WLS).  I thought the weight loss would help with that pain, which it did, until the disc in my neck herniated and had to be removed (2 years after WLS).  I didn't start having the all-over body pain until sometime at the beginning of last year.  After seeing a rheumatologist, I was also found to be severely anemic (my ferritin level was a 7).  I've since been having IV iron infusions.  At one point I was having them every 2 weeks.  I'm just not sure if my diagnosis is really fibromyalgia, or if this is all related to the anemia, which can cause muscle and bone pain too. Not to mention, between the surgeries, injuries, and Lyrica for FM, I've gained back a LOT of my original loss.  So FRUSTRATED!! Anyone ever hear of a similar situation on the boards?  Any help would be sincerely appreciated!


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on 6/7/12 6:32 am - Vancouver, WA
This is kind of which came first the chicken or the egg? I've read of alot of folks that developed fibro after surgeries for lots of different things. I think it is because fibro can develope after any kind of trauma to the body, it tends to throw off the normal function and intensifies the pain messages. There is also some recent research about a connection with fibro and other autoimmune disorders. Fibro is such an odd disease with so many different symptoms that it's really difficult to say what brings it on.I think I have had mine since I was a teen and only had my surgery 4 yrs ago. I do know the older I get the worse it seems to get. It may also be a combination of things. so I don't know that you'll ever be able to know what caused it. I tried Lyrica for a short while and it did cause weight gain so I was switched to Cymbalta and that doesn't seem to cause the gain for me at least. So you might try one of the other drugs for fibro and also seek out a good pain specialist. I wish you the best and feel free to come here and vent if you need to!
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on 7/7/12 7:11 pm - Clover, SC
 I am over 9 years post op and for the past year+ I have had numerous health issues... since my surgery in April 2003 I have lost over 100 pounds, The last couple years have been up and down but I have maintained about 180 until this year. (my pre op weight was 304) Right after surgery I was taking vitamins, including b12 and iron, but back in 2006 I had to start the b12 inj, because I was severely low. Until this past year I thought everything was ok and then I ended up in the hospital with very high liver function enzymes. I also started having a long list of odd symptoms and was referred to several different specialist who suspected MS or Lupus as well as several different liver diseases and after being sent to Wake Forest Hospital (more than 2 hours from my home) the doctor their was with me and my husband for more than an hour and after going over all my other test results and history the doctor determined I had severe b12 deficiency, My blood level seemed normal but other test showed I had very low stored in my body and it had been that way for a number of years. I have undergone numerous test and have been out of work since Jan this year and have been told I have nerve damage from the lack of b12 store. I have seen 2 different Rheumatologist and both have diagnosed me with Fibro and just last week the doctors have determined I am severely anemic and will most likely have to start infusions later this month, once again my iron level was on the low side of normal but my ferritin was 6. The hematologist said 30 is low and ideally he would like it to be over 100. I am like you with the FM diagnosis because a lack of b12 and anemia has a wide variety of symptoms that can mimic FM. I have been told they cannot reverse the nerve damage but at this point they can stop it from progressing but I will have the symptoms from that for the rest of my life. Needless to say I am very upset with all that has happened in the past year but at least I know it is not MS or some other disease. What I have been going through has already altered my life. from the pain to the severe memory problems and mood swings as well as muscle control problems that have affected my bowel and bladder. I blame myself for not researching things better before and soon after my surgery, but I also blame my surgeon, after my 6 month post op they did not schedule a follow up and said to call as I needed. Well I didn't call or go back for over 2 years and then the doctor wanted to blame me and after a mess I just quit seeing him. I am now seeing a wonderful Gastro Dr in Charlotte and would never think of seeing anyone else. I am thankful for my family and friends during all this but I am most thankful to my Lord and Savior, for with out Him I am sure I would already be dead considering the seriousness of what I have went through. Please continue to follow up and seek additional medical support if you continue to have problems. I cannot go back and change what I should have done but I want to voice my thoughts and opinion so others will not have to go through what I have. 

I am sorry to have written you my post op condensed version. I hope I have said something to encourage you.

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on 8/19/12 9:58 pm - CHARLOTTE, NC
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