Pregnancy Update Week 23/24: Unfill Helped!

Stacy T.
on 5/20/10 12:11 am, edited 5/20/10 1:10 am

Last friday I saw my WLS and he did another unfill in the office, removing another 2 cc's from my band. I am now down to about 4 ccs and have noticed a definite difference in the amount of heartburn I have been experiencing. Now it only happens if I eat something pretty spicy or acidic which is much better than having it just from drinking water! Plus I am STARVING. I have not felt hunger like this since before my banding.

Grace did NOT like the way my body responded to the unfill. I guess my heart was pounding a bit cause the lidacain (sp?) shot that numbs the area stings like a ******* so I was squeezing my surgeons arm while he numbed me up (I always do and he doesn't seem to mind...i never even asked if it was ok to hold on to him...i just do it lol). I had to laugh though because I could see her kicking my stomach during this shot because i was so tense LOL Once again, amazed at how even the littlest thing I do can cause such a reaction from my little one!

WLS thinks my weight gain is fine and says I look great, that I don't look anything like I did before surgery and he can tell most of my weight gain is in my belly and hips. Anticipates me to gain at least another 13 pounds or so which he believes will be VERY easy for me to lose all of it once the baby is out. I won't see him now until about 6-8 weeks after birth unless the heartburn gets bad again.

Then I had a check up with the OB office and the nurse practitioner tells me I am 5 pounds over where she wants me to be!! SIGH so I am watching my cracker intake (trying to stop the Cheezits and Cheese Crackers with Peanut Butter packs) and hoping that and some exercise will keep my weight gain under control. Bright side is...better to be 5 pounds over at 6 months pregnant than more than 5 pounds over at less than 6 months!!

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I'm happy things are going well for you :)
Don't worry about the 5's for a good cause! LOL

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Glad you got those 2 cc's removed. Nothing worse that HB. Don't worry about the lbs. You will lose it after the baby. -Nikki

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LOVE your new profile pic! 

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Tiff tells all
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RNY on 05/21/19
You are doing great missy!  Now that the heartburn is a little more under control, are you able to eat a wider (healthier) variety of foods?

BTW- we just came from a visit with some friends that are about 6 months along and the mommy to be has terrible heartburn. they bought a case of tums from costco and all I could do was laugh. And she doesn't even have a band!!!


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