not lost weight for sometime

on 4/2/11 1:23 am - Lagrange, GA
I have had the lap band for three years now and I have only lost 50 pounds. I need to lose another 55 pounds to reach my goal. I am not helped at home my husband said he would help but has not. He said he would lose weight with me and he has gained. I have gained about 15 pounds in the last 3 month and then lost 10 pounds. I am up set with my self because at three years out I should be at my goal. I have a lot of people that look at me to see how well I am doing and that hurts me to know I have let people down. I don't think I have streached my band but I don't see my doctor till July and I realy don't want to go then because I have not lost anymore weight since I last saw him. I am going to try very hard until then to do what I can to lose some weight before then hope I can do it! Help me please on what I should do to get my weight lose going again.
on 4/2/11 2:01 am
VSG on 03/25/16
You have taken the first step.  Go back to basics as far as eating , protein and veggies  and keep you appointment with you doc you are on the right path you have lost 10 now just keep it going , Take it one day at a time and make good choices as far as food goes. Its not easy we all know that but keep comming here for support. You have not let people down. Start today and buy the time you go to the doctor (if you can't get an earlier appointment0 you will have made more  progress. Hang in there

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on 4/2/11 2:05 am
I haven't lost much either.  I don't get on the scale anymore because I'm disgusted.  I still love having my band.  It does help me not eat large quantities of food  I just don't loose weight like normal people.   I look at it this way.  I'm making healthier food choices daily and I am exercising more than before so eventually I'll get to goal.... I'm at a perfect restriction as well so I just go day to day and see what happens.   I have too much going on in my life to let this damn weight problem drag me down.   
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on 4/2/11 2:08 am - Riverside Township, NJ
Good Morning!  I'm a newbie, just 5 weeks out from the LapBand surgery. I don't know how much I can help - I just feel like giving you a hug!

Are you still measuring your portions?  It seems to me that when some people get stuck at a certain weight, they change up their exercise routine and that seems to jolt the losing again.  I don't know what to tell you about hubby.  Do you have any family or friends closeby?  I know a day out with my Mom helps - just to clear my head and refocus on the reasons I had the surgery. 

Do you still have all the material from when you had the surgery?  Perhaps re-reading everything will help? 

I would definitely go to your doc on your visit!  I was told that one of the reasons for the losing to stall is because people get embarassed about not losing, and stop seeing their docs!  They are there to help you - so please go! 

Perhaps you can think of short-term goals instead of a long term one.  Thinking about having to lose another 55 lbs is overwhelming!  Set little goals for yourself - 5lbs or even 3 lbs.  Once you lose the 3 or 5, give yourself a little treat, and set the next little goal.  I know my doctor's ultimate goal is much less than mine, but to think about having to lose 120lbs is just too much to think about!  I just want to be under 200 for now.

Sending hugs!
on 4/2/11 2:29 am - Lagrange, GA
Thanks for the pep talk you are an inspiration to me I will keep going that is for sure but I think I will go back to my weigh loss book and start all over again and see where that gets me. Thanks again I hope to takl to you agian. You keep up the good work you are doing and maybe I will meet you at the end of your weight loss.
Kate -True Brit
on 4/2/11 2:22 am - UK

You can't stretch your band but you can stretch the pouch above it. But it seems to me more likely that you simply need a fill. Do you have restriction? Why can't you see your do****il July? When i was still in the losing phase, I got fills every few months. How many fills have you had so far?  I needed fills about every 15lbs lost so if you have lost 50lbs, I imagine you needed at least one or two fills to get restriction and then another 3 or so as the weight went.

You may also need to go back to the basics of counting exactly what you are eating. After a few years it is so easy to get a bit too relaxed.


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on 4/2/11 2:34 am - Lagrange, GA
Your are so right I have gone back to the old me sometimes and have not be a very good person. I am alone most of the time during the week and my husband comes home on the weekends. I do better when he is not home as far as eating is concerned. He likes the rich foods and i like the light foods. I most of the time share with him and that does not help much. I eat a salad and he eats the rest. I sometimes wil eat some of the potatoe and the meat. I m going back to the basic that is for sure. Thanks for the advice
Stephanie M.
on 4/2/11 3:07 am
Hey there Jenn....hugs to you for reaching out!  Your value as a person is not dependent upon you losing weight at any particular rate...nor is your weight loss dependent upon the actions of another person, your husband. 
I live in an 8 person household with my DH of 44 years (who weighs 170 and runs 6 miles per day, minimum), my daughter who also runs 6 miles per day and can eat anything as long as she runs, SIL who is overweight and eats anything he wants and 4 teenage kids who are constantly eating and drinking anything and everything...I take care of me first when it comes to food.  I cook for everybody, but always keep my needs in mind.  So make your meat, veggies and potato and let him eat everything and you eat only what is good for you (meat and veggies).  This is one thing you must do for yourself.
Ask yourself this:  After eating 3 oz dense protein (chicken, beef, fish, pork, eggs) and low carb veggies am I hungry before 4 hours is up??  Am I eating more than one cup of food at a meal?  Am I drinking at least 64 oz of water per day and not drinking with or for 30 min following meals??  If you are, then you don't need a fill....if you are not, make sure you are doing all of the above and ask yourself the question again...if you are hungry before 4 hours, you need a fill and should schedule an appointment.
The great thing about the band is that you CAN start over and be successful again...
Hang in there!!


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on 4/2/11 3:54 am - Lagrange, GA
Thanks Steph its been a long time since I have been on here and i should have never left this is my first step back to me getting in on the band wagon and doing what I am suppose to do. Thanks so much for the advise your the best. Hope to be talking to you again. Going to buy a treadmill today cant wait.
crystal M.
on 4/2/11 4:06 am, edited 4/2/11 8:54 am - Joliet, IL
I say you need to stop worrying about your husband's support because after three years and still no support it's not going to happen all of the sudden.  Start taking of yourself and leave him in the dust...screw him!!!  I know that's not nice but oh well.

I have been banded for two years now.  I have lost 140 lbs so far and have another 50-60lbs to go.  I was at 354lbs.


When I first got my band it was a struggle for me.  The first year I didn't have enough restriction and I cheated a lot.  I mean lets face it if I could control my eating I wouldn't have gotten to 354.  So needless to say I lost wieght very slowly.  I was afriad I was going to be a Band failure.  I started to feel sorry for myself and blamed my band.  I kept thinking about how long I would have to wait before asking for revision. 

Then thing happened.  I started to workout.  When I actually got to the point where my band helped me and I got off my ass and worked out...surprise I lost weight.  I workout 6 days a week, 90 minutes a day.  I lost 16 lbs the first month I was working out.  I am still losing weight at a good rate.  I am thankful that after two years I am able to lose weight still.  The more I worked out the more strict I got about following my NUT's suggestions.  I eat smart.  I am not going to go jogging for three miles and then wolf down a cheeseburger...and waste all that hard work!!!   You do think twice about cheating after you swet your ass off in the gym. 

You have to remember it's harder to lose weight with this surgery than the other surgeries.  You will have to do the work. It's not too late for you to start over with a new attitude!!!

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