on 8/6/12 11:28 am
Hi, It's been a long time!  I am having a odd problem,  I can keep food down no sticking or slime,  the wierd thing... I feel like I have a golf ball in my throat.  Anyone have this?  I have an appt. with my dr on Tuesday.  Not sure if it is a band issue or a throat thing.
Stephanie M.
on 8/6/12 12:31 pm
 It's most likely that you're a bit too tight...good thing you're going to the doctor.  Good luck, hope it's just a fluke!


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on 8/6/12 3:56 pm - Davison, MI
I know the feeling you are talking about.  I hadn't had a fill in a year when I started feeling it.  Than I started getting stuck and slimming.  I went in and got 1cc out.  The feeling is gone and I'm not getting stuck or slimming anymore.  But, I still have this burning in the back of my throat to some food some times.

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on 8/6/12 9:17 pm
Thanks for the replies? Will see what the Dr has to say, I am kind of leaning to the problem being allergies but don't want to take chance.
on 8/7/12 1:25 am
 let us know what it was
Zee Starrlite
on 8/7/12 4:10 am
It's the band!  Sounds like your esophagus is not able to work properly either with your fill or with the band period.  Please have your doc check for esophageal dilation - this is definitely one of the symptoms.  Motility issues!


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on 8/7/12 10:27 am
 Due to a family emergency I didn't make it to th dr.  I'll have to make a new appt for next week.  I don't feel bad and as I said in my first post I am not having any trouble keeping food down so that is good.  But I will follow up on this!

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