Lapband appt after 5 years

on 5/2/18 10:52 am

Hi everyone! I had my lapland done in Aug 2007 and I lost a lot of weight... I got all the way down to my goal weight!!! I got married 5 years ago and was having some acid reflux issues, so I had some fluid removed and I never went back in. Here I am 5 years later and back to my original weight... marriage and love is to blame... haha!

I have an appt with a new doctor today to try to get my lapland managed again. The doctor who originally did my surgery is no long in practice.

Has anyone else gone through a similar situation where they didn't manage their lapland, then gained weight back and then lost it again once they started managing it?

Thanks for all your help!


on 6/25/18 6:57 pm

Hi hope all has gone well with your appointment. I have a lap band, did not lose all of my weight, never followed through with my appointments. Shame on me, just wondering how your appointment went and are you on the road to weight loss again. I just open this website after it looks like 6 years. I too want to go to the doctor to get an adjustment to finally start losing weight again I don't know where to begin. I still have restriction and have to be very careful what I eat and how I eat it. Wish you much success



on 8/8/18 7:54 am

Hi. Just a quick question. My original doctor retired last year. I had my lap band done in October 2011. How did you go about finding a new doctor? I never used my Lap band to it full potential and life just happened. In other words I just got lazy. I really want to get back on track but honestly I am ashamed.

I am now putting the right foot forward and taking that first step. I just don't know how to find a new doctor. How did you find yours? I called the office of my original doctor but they are only giving me information to a doctor several hours away from me.

Thanks so much!!


on 2/22/19 2:15 pm


I had my LapBand in 2004. Lost weight and regained most.

I went to my doctor and found that I had dilation of the esophagus and upper stomach. He emptied my band, let me stomach rest for a month, and then did a partial refill (I had an upper gi to see the esophagus and stomach).

I am now 1 week post refill and feeling the restriction of the band.

The tool works, if we work the tool.

Lets us know how you are doing.

Best Wishes