leg wraps for swollen legs

on 11/26/12 11:19 pm - CT

hello everyone! I have been taking care of my husband for many years now with lymphodema in his thighs.at first we had no idea about this medical condition, and through many doctors and rehab specialists I thought through our experience perhaps I would be able to help some one with our idea for upper thigh negative pressure.My husbands thighs were so large that when the specialist tied to wrap them they always fell down.. no matter what she did it never worked. I now use abdomen wraps that are made from Golds Gym. They are soft neoprene ribber and polyester wraps that  are normally wrapped around someones abdomen, They have soft rubber on the inside , which helps very much to keep them up onto my husbands thighs. they are easy to put on just wrap and they velcro in place.. Where I live they are around $5.00 for 2. In Walmart. in the excercise department.. Some one may need extra support  so our other idea which worked was a liquid adhesive that rolls on the skin its called Jobst "it stays' . you can order this over the net or sometimes a medical store carries this.. my experience shows that walgreen , cvs and other drug stores do not carry It Stays. this glue is not overly expensive either.. well good luck and I hope this info has helped you !! 

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I wonder if those wraps would work on my lower legs... when they wrap around... can they wrap for calves do you think? I use It Stays when I wrap my legs manually with compression wraps and stockinettes. Helps a lot.I get the It Stays anywhere they sell compression garments. Good luck.


on 9/30/14 12:45 am

I currently use a product called 'JUXTAFIT (from CircAid)' for my calves. They are tightened with velcro, made of neoprene (?), and come with a card to measure tightness. Look into them via your doctor or lymphodema person, physical theripist. Good luck.

on 12/21/12 12:25 am

Wraps did not work on my swollen thigh either.  But the abdomen wraps did better.  However, I found that after walking a little bit, even those folded and slid.  It was so uncomfortable that I stopped trying to wrap my personal "watermelon." Do you have any suggestions that may help me?  I thought  I was the only one with this problem.  BTW, I don't help with wrapping so please consider that with your reply.  Many thanks!

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