Sunday Weigh in

on 4/26/20 1:25 pm
DS on 12/18/18

Last week 185.4
This week 184.4

Back in the Saddle again. Actually have been pretty busy at work. We're covering more territory now and since we're only working 4 days a week the trucks have been pretty full. Sorry I don't have a funny picture or meme.

Don 1962
on 4/26/20 1:34 pm

See the source image

Last week: 188.6

This week: 190.0

Good week exercise wise. Three times on the treadmill and yesterday was yardwork day. Nice to do it on a Saturday for a change. Because of weather or scheduling issues been having to do it mid-week after work. Racing sun down and not enough time to try and pretty it up much.

Keep staying safe and Have a Great Week!!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

(deactivated member)
on 4/26/20 2:17 pm

Around 165, about flat for the week, up a few pounds from this week last year.

Exercise good considering the weather, food selection awful but forgive myself considering quarantine.

Economy and job situation a huge ? But same is true for most people so I'm good with it for the time being.

on 4/26/20 3:28 pm
VSG on 11/28/16

Last Week 224.3
This Week 223.0

Still to cold and rainy out here for me to want to get some yard work done. A pound down, I'll take it. Kind of in a funk from quarentine and news overload.

Good week to all!

on 4/27/20 4:23 am

Last week 336.6

This week 335.7

Working on my pre surgery weight loss and the habits needed for after surgery.

Don 1962
on 4/27/20 4:27 pm


on 4/28/20 4:50 am

Howdy sir! Glad to be here.

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