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on 7/19/23 4:52 am
Topic: RE: Positive effects of massive weight loss on mental health

My experience was quite similar. Struggled with weight and self-esteem, but when I started working out and taking care of myself, it really gave me a new perspective. Of course, it didn't magically solve everything. I still had anxiety, but it became more manageable because I felt better in my skin.

on 7/11/23 12:14 pm
Topic: RE: What triggers your anxiety

Whenever I have to talk to someone new to me

on 7/11/23 12:10 pm, edited 7/18/23 9:55 pm
Topic: RE: Positive effects of massive weight loss on mental health

I also have experienced a significant reduction in social anxiety after losing weight.
It's remarkable how shedding excess weight can boost self-confidence and make us feel more comfortable in our own skin. The joy of having a new body, dressing nicely, and engaging in activities we enjoy can contribute to improved moods and overall mental well-being.
Also, I've consulted a psychiatrist in NYC that helped me forget about anxiety. His conclusion was that having a healthy lifestyle and taking the right steps to treat anxiety is the key to happiness.

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on 12/15/22 6:40 am, edited 12/14/22 10:40 pm
Topic: RE: Positive effects of massive weight loss on mental health

Yes, it's true that it will have a positive effect on mental health. My closest friend told me that after surgery and recovery, she feels much better. Now she is always confident, and have no fear to go out somewhere!

on 9/13/22 8:17 am
Topic: RE: Positive effects of massive weight loss on mental health

I felt more confident before the weight loss. Because I had beautiful breasts. Even though I didn't lose much weight, my shape changed with the weight loss. It upset me a little.

on 8/6/22 9:29 pm
Topic: RE: Wellbutrin

I have been on Wellbutrin as a psych. Med for about 5 years. I have a new psychiatrist and a month ago he switched me from XR to immediate release as well as a higher dose. He has me crushing the pills and taking them twice a day rather than once. I have noticed a difference. I believe it is because my body is better able to absorb the medication this way.

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on 4/23/22 2:29 pm, edited 4/25/22 3:45 am
Topic: RE: Positive effects of massive weight loss on mental health

When I lose at least 1 kilogram, I become much more positive and it really affects my mental health. I recently had menopause which caused weight gain, discomfort and depression. But a friend told me about Premarin Cream which Ñ-ncreased the level of estrogen in the body and I was able to lose weight instead of gaining it. My life really got easier after that and that's why I'm very happy

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on 4/20/22 2:41 pm, edited 4/21/22 5:03 am
Topic: RE: For your education and support

Thats cool, I need the options of mental health professionals for my college work. I study in college and also want to help people in the future. I study a lot on my own because in my opinion most of what we are taught in college is not necessary (fortunately I found tory/which often helps me with homework). Thank you for this information and I hope my dream will come true

on 10/28/21 12:59 am, edited 11/1/21 12:37 am
Topic: RE: Best Nursing Home in Anderson For Senior Citizen ?

If you are still searching for excellent and experienced professionals, I think you can find them at Tampa Bay Senior Care. In my case, it was a successful project that helped me see good results. It is what helped me fully appreciate the opportunities that this company offers to clients. These professionals are certified nurses who help care for and support patients with disabilities or serious illnesses. In a pandemic, their services are especially important, so I am one hundred percent confident in the success of such a project.

on 2/20/21 12:01 pm, edited 2/20/21 12:02 pm
Topic: Positive effects of massive weight loss on mental health

I will not share my entire life story or anything, but we all get so lost in talking the changes in appearance or physical health, but what happens to our mental health is fascinating as well. In my personal life, I have seen my anxiety change in drastic ways. I'll always have at least some constant anxiety, that's always just lingering, but as far as social anxiety goes the change couldn't be more drastic.

My moods have been better overall as I like my new body. I like having things to do or dress nicely for (this has been a terrible year for that, obviously). I almost like being seen now a bit too much, when before all I wanted to was hide.

I am not saying all this weight loss is going to cure my mental stuff or anyone else's. I do want to point out that losing weight won't solve all your problems, but if being that big of a person affects you so much that it, for instance turns you into a hermit for a time like it did me- then maybe the weight loss actually is part of the solution to some of the mental stuff taking a toll on us, just like therapy can help us treat our bodies better.

We all should put as much effort in keeping our minds right as our bodies, because neglecting the one is going to harm the other.

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