Best Running Idea's Outfit

on 2/21/22 11:21 am

Spring brings with it a whole slew of things to be cheerful. For starters, brightly colored clothing to wear again and vitamin D. Now you are probably excited to get off the treadmill and into the fresh air -- or, if you are already running outside, to discard the jackets and gloves -- and, of course, to change up your fitness routine.

Runners beware: Diving headfirst into spring training can quickly lead to injury if you get too enthusiastic with the mileage. Experts offer advice on how to transition from indoor to outdoor Training successfully:


Take the time to look at your sneakers, and make sure they're up to the task of running more training miles. "The right sneakers are important for overall running mechanics," says Matt Nolan. "Fresh shoes also add that extra motivation to get outside."


Just like a bike or your car, your body needs regular maintenance to perform in tip-top fashion. "Make a physical therapist visit -- almost like a running physical -- to make sure there are no new injuries," suggests Nolan.


Sunnier days are the perfect chance to find some easy, shorter races to enjoy with friends and family as you ease back into a regular training routine. "This will help keep you accountable and get you back into the swing of race preparations," says Nolan.

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