Does Salt Matter?

on 3/15/22 4:57 am

Does salt really matter with struggling obesity? I have gone through numerous diet plans and recipes where pink Himalayan Salt is mentioned specifically. Is it some proven study or just a myth?

on 6/26/22 10:03 am

Yes, it's true

(deactivated member)
on 8/11/22 3:38 am

It's metter but not as important as they say

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on 8/28/22 7:26 am, edited 8/31/22 10:16 pm

Eating a lot of salt is not good for blood pressure and also for the heart. People say that because of this you can smooth out, but scientists have not yet proven this. Therefore, when I lost weight, I didn't eat foods with a lot of salt. I did a lot of sports, used various supplements for weight loss from Canada Drugs, drank a lot of water and ate healthy food. All this helped me to reach this result that I have now.

on 8/30/22 1:27 pm

I think so.

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