Sad news but it's for the best

on 9/18/22 12:08 pm - SUGAR LAND, TX

I have some sad news but will be beneficial for me , my kids, and my weight loss journey. We will be moving to New York with my aunt so I can get away from the negative vibes in Texas and have a fresh start in New York with my aunt. To me moving in with my aunt will help me with my weight loss journey because she had gastric bypass surgery and lose over 100 pounds so she will be a key to my journey on getting health. Wish me luck

on 9/19/22 5:54 am

I have the BEST Bariatric surgical team to recommend to you ! ( and New York is not so bad lol! )


on 10/12/22 1:55 am

Best of luck with the big move TattooMom.

A new dawn, a new day.

And a new adventure starting a fresh.

on 10/20/22 7:54 am

Hey there, I am new here, and I want to wish you good luck with my first post aboard. You are strong enough to do it.

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