Did you gain weight while you played the waiting game????

on 7/7/11 5:52 am
RNY on 01/11/12
I know this is posted in the main forum and am wondering if there are any repercussions (forgive if misspelled) if you do gain weight since your referral was sent in.. especially at St Joe's in Hamilton??
on 7/7/11 7:00 am - Canada
I had my surgery in Ottawa and yes I did gain weight- about 8 pounds. 
on 7/9/11 5:31 am
RNY on 01/11/12
Hi CdnGal..
thanks for your reply... i had my orientation in april and see the nurse the end of this month.. and seem to be having quite a few "last suppers" ... was wondering if they will freak if i'm up.. i've heard i should be showing my committment to the procedure and watching what i'm eating.. but i've had some days i could just seem to eat forever ...
thanks again
on 7/7/11 7:02 am
Not that I am aware of.  I`m in Ottawa and I have not lost weight.  The internist said that one of the medications I take impedes weight loss.  I think I am up 5 lbs. since my last appt, however, I am also pre-menstral so it is perfectly normal for me.

on 7/7/11 7:08 am - Sudbury, Canada
I gained 9lbs while waiting for surgery in Hamilton but lost 18 on Optifast.  So by the time they weighed me I showed a loss instead of a gain.  Don't worry about it too much.
Manda M.
on 7/7/11 7:56 am
I have lost 31 while attending all my appointments.. now i am watiing for my surgery class and i am back up 8 pounds.. blah
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on 7/7/11 8:55 am - Ottawa, Canada
I gained five lbs while waiting. To be honest I was weighed at my initial nurses appointment and only just got weighed again at my PATTS appointment Monday.I had lost a few pounds because I haave started optifast plus she took off three lbs for my cloths and shoes YES!!!! 

 If you are worried that there will be repercussions because you gained weight I wouldn't worry to much, don't forget what brought you and all of us to need weight loss surgery in the first place. I mean this with the utmost respect.


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Linda S.
on 7/7/11 10:44 am - Canada
I am waiting to meet my surgeon and haven't been at the hospital since Feb. 2. I have gained 10 - 12 lbs. and am also worried.
Thanks, Linda
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Wendy E.
on 7/7/11 10:56 am - Gananoque, Canada
I had surgery at HRRH and i gained 10 lbs. It could determine how long you will have to do optifast for.

Wendy E
on 7/7/11 12:41 pm
3 pounds in 8 months, the NP hasn't mentioned anything about it, but as I understand it TWH is pretty forgiving in this regard.
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